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This is a 2-page Women’s Studies essay discussing gender bias and how sexism affects women professionally. It compares past and present discriminatory practices against women. It describes how gender bias affects women in their professional lives. Finally, it offers resolutions to gender bias issues. It relies on 2 sources and is presented in APA format. | more info

This is a humanities essay on the feminist thought. The essay talks about the feminist movement and the belief system of many women who are feminists. It is in MLA format and has three pages. There are no sources for this essay. The paper covers three important issues about the study of Feminist Thought. | more info

This paper is a summary and review of Coming On Strong: Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth Century Sports by Susan K. Cahn, and examines an often overlooked segment of American sports: women. Pages: 5 Sources: 1 Format: MLA | more info

This is an executive summary from a study that analyzes why the number of women in training and in entry-level academic positions in medicine have increased, but the number of women in senior faculty positions has not changed. Pages: 1.7 Sources: none Format: none | more info

This paper explains the role of women in Shakespeare's plays and how men view them. Hamlet, King Henry Four part One, and the Twelfth Night are analyzed in particular. The fact that women are viewed as devious, snobby, and self-centered by Shakespeare is exemplified in the aforementioned plays, as is pointed out in this essay. Pages: 7 Sources: 5 Format: MLA | more info

This paper discuses how, through the fictional elements of character and symbolism, one can see how Charlotte Perkins focuses on the insanity of social female constraints during the earlier part of the 20th century and the outrageous medical beliefs of the time in The Yellow Wallpaper. Pages: 3 Sources: 2 Format: MLA | more info

This paper discusses the devaluation of women in Faustian novel's including Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Pages: 10 Sources: 17 Format: MLA | more info

This paper looks at many women from the book The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and examines them for who they are and what they brought to the story. Pages: 7 Sources: None Format: None | more info

This paper describes books narrated by women and discusses how they feel about the desire they create in male characters. The examples used are The Lover, Mother Tongue, Body Work and Female Desires. Pages: 8 Sources: 4 Format: MLA | more info

This paper compares the women's health care administration in France and the global market. The writer focuses on the global trends in healthcare today, including the higher rate of women that are coming into the field, the impact that women are having on the global healthcare field, as well as the impact being made on France's healthcare administration. Pages: 12 Sources: 9 Format: APA | more info

This is a 4 page paper written in MLA format and relying on 1 source. It is a discussion of free speech and pornography and how pornography violates the rights of women. The essay specifically discusses the views of Susan Brownmiller and Susan Jacoby, two women speaking out against pornography and women’s rights. The paper concludes with the author’s opinion of the two women and which one they think is more effective in expressing their opinions. | more info

This is a 9 page Anthropology/Archeology paper discussing Women in the Ancient World. The paper relies on 5 sources presented in AAA format. Gender roles are analyzed during this time period, specifically in Rome and Egypt. The paper concludes by discussing recent scholarship on women in the ancient world. | more info

This is a 4-page paper discussing the many roles women played in the Civil War. The paper is a combination of information on the women who worked as spies, dressed as men to portray soldiers, and who made a difference in the war. There are 2 sources for this paper. It is in MLA format. | more info

This is a five-page paper about domestic abuse in movies and in real life. It has three references and is written in MLA style. The three movies critiqued include ‘Enough,’ ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ and ‘The Burning Bed.’ All three movies present domestic violence of a wife and how these women survived. Although not completely realistic, the movies do help to increase the awareness of domestic abuse. Both factual research and movies are important to bring domestic abuse to the forefront and help this horrible crime. | more info

This is a 5-page paper on domestic violence. It has 7 sources and is in MLA format. The paper discusses the issue of domestic violence in detail including what domestic violence is, who is believed to be more at risk, and recommends strategies to overcome this problem. Different forms of domestic violence are examined as well as how the legal system deals with this problem. | more info

This is a four-page paper analyzing the metaphor “looking at the glass ceiling”. It is written in APA style and has seven sources. The glass ceiling refers to the many obstacles today’s women confront as they attempt to move into senior management positions. This paper looks at the statistics and the obstacles relating to the glass ceiling. The paper theorizes that currently the glass ceiling has some cracks in it, but it is not yet broken. Only when the obstacles are eliminated, attitudes are changed and women have the same opportunities as men will the glass ceiling truly be broken. | more info

The purpose of this six-page, MLA-style paper is to compare and contrast the lives and writings of Cherrie Moraga and Gloria Anzaldua, both lesbian Latina writers in the feminist movement. Bibliography includes 9 sources. | more info

This is an 8-page analytical paper, analyzing Romeo and Juliet from a feminist point of view. The paper flips gender roles, takes a look at power roles, the time that the play takes place, and the actions or reactions that the men and women express. There are 2 reliable sources for this paper. It is in MLA format. | more info

This 4-page essay uses 3 sources and is in MLA format. Many misconceptions surround the plight of low-income women in the United States. This essay explores three works about these women and uncovers the truth of their plights: Sweatshop Warriors by Miriam Ghing Yoon Louie; Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich; and Tell Them Who I Am by Eliot Liebow. | more info

This 5-page research analysis uses 6 sources and is in APA format. This study analyzes quantitative data from a 1992 study that indicates discriminatory wages practices against women at UCSD. This study supports the quantitative study with qualitative information from University Policies. It also discusses the reasons for a 1992 Affirmative Action Plan Change. | more info

This is a 6-page manifesto written to incite support for the women’s suffrage movement of the 1920s. It summarizes the views of the time and calls women into action and is written as a sort of political satire both to declare the writer’s political vision and goals and to attract followers to support the women's movement. The paper relies on three sources presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a 3 page essay containing three paragraphs answering specific questions referring to the essay, The Issue Isn't Sex, It's Violence. It is an opinionated paper that discusses the acceptance of violence against women as believed by Caryl Rivers. How Rivers makes a convincing case in the article is analyzed in addition to what persuasion the article lacks. The essay concludes by explaining how the title of the article is appropriate, or not, to the contents of the article. There are no cited sources. | more info

This five-page, MLA-style paper will focus on the women in the play Hamlet, on aspects of the “feminine ideal”, and how they relate to ideals of femininity in Shakespeare’s time and in our own. Hamlet and Ophelia’s relationship is discussed as well as Ophelia’s ideal femininity, the confusion of Gertrude’s roles, and the paper concludes by analyzing ideals of femininity as literary and historical constraints. Bibliography includes 6 sources. | more info

This report, 12 pages in length, relying on 8 sources and in MLA format, examines the social, legal and economic status of upper-class and bourgeois women during the Renaissance. It touches on marriage rights and responsibilities, access to education--both formal and tutorial, and the role of women in the public sphere. | more info

This report, 12 pages in length, relying on 8 sources and in MLA format, examines the social, legal and economic status of upper-class and bourgeois women during the Renaissance. It briefly discusses marriage rights and responsibilities, access to education--both formal and tutorial, and the role of women in the public sphere. | more info

This paper is an analysis of the similarities and differences between Theodore Dreiser’s “Sister Carrie” and Toni Morrison’s “Sister Carrie” from a feminist perspective. The terms of the subjugation of women and minorities is a prominent them throughout the story and this essay. It is seven pages long and relies on four sources presented in MLA format. Specifically, the analysis will support the thesis that allowing external influences to define one’s sense of self- worth is a recipe for unhappiness and unfulfilled dreams. | more info

This four page paper examines the issues that adolescent girls face today and some ways to cope with these issues, as presented in the book, Reviving Ophelia. Some of the pressures discussed include physical appearance and the part taking of high-risk behaviors. Some of the solutions discussed according to “Reviving Ophelia” consist of journaling, poetry, and painting The paper relies on no sources except for the book. | more info

This is a four page paper in MLA style is based on the thesis of whether the protagonist of a Doll House by Henrik Ibsen serves as a positive or negative commentary on modern feminism. Nora’s reasons for her actions are analyzed and the question to be addressed in the paper is whether Nora portrays a positive or negative commentary on modern feminism. It relies on four sources. | more info

This a 4-page paper about Women in Agriscience, written at the high school level. This paper looks at women in the United States and around the world, the traditional role of women in farming, and how that role has changed. The paper offers an opinion as to the future of women in agriscience and a discussion of barriers they face. There are three sources in MLA style. | more info

This is a four-page paper presented in dialogue format that discusses a clinical interview with a woman patient who is having problems reconciling her feminism beliefs with that of living with her husband. Based in part on the book by Christine Hoff Summers called “Who Stole Feminism” the conclusion of this therapist is that feminism itself can take many forms and that it is important for any female to learn how to be true to herself. | more info

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