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This is a 3-page essay that discusses the issues of loneliness and emptiness within Ionesco’s The Chairs and Musset’s Les Caprices de Marianne. There are no sources. | more info

This is a 3-page character analysis of Blanche from “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams and Catherine from “Proof” by David Auburn. The story of the play is shown in brevity with regards to the characters. The paper discusses their similarities and differences. It is in MLA format. | more info

This is a 5-page essay analyzing the reasons for Hamlet's indecision over avenging his father's death. It is done in APA format and has three sources. | more info

This two-page explication paper focuses on a passage from Othello. It relates the importance of the passage to the rest of the play, and comments on what the passage reveals about the characters and themes. | more info

This three-page paper adapts the costume design of As You Like It to a Tibetan influence. Each costume must draw its inspiration from the character who wears it. | more info

This is a 7 page paper that uses 5 sources and is written in MLA style. It compares Shakespeare and Kipling, based on their use of hatred, revenge, and politics in their works. The thesis statement is: Shakespeare and Kipling lived two centuries apart, in completely different eras, yet there were some similarities between the two artist, such as some of their works were centered around hatred and revenge, and the fact that politics played a role in their work, especially Kipling’s imperialistic attitude. | more info

This is a five-page paper written in MLA format using two sources that analyzes Zora Neale Hurston’s novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. It’s particular focus is on Hurston’s ability as storyteller. | more info

Summary: This is a six-page, APA-style paper discussing fire protections systems. The types of fires, different extinguishers and their uses are discussed, along with various types of fire alarms and detectors. The basics of fires and what is needed to sustain combustion are outlined as well as fire prevention and protection measures. The paper is supported by online and printed research listed on a reference page at the end of the paper. | more info

This paper compares and contrasts the Buddhist and Joban beliefs. How both religions view an individual's responsibilities to their own life as well as the author's opinion about the two belief systems are explained. Pages: 1.5 Sources: 2 Format: MLA | more info

This paper explains the gospel of Matthew. The points Matthew is trying to make as well as his beliefs are discussed. The paper ends by comparing Matthew's gospel to the other three gospels. Pages: 2 Sources: none Format: none | more info

This paper answers the following questions. Each question is addressed with a one-page answer. How are religious devotion and tolerance for diverse religious devotions embraced by Sikhism? How can one transcend theological and religious differences and still maintain a distinct religious identity? What are the current issues in Islam and its relationship to the West? What are the basic teachings and practices of Islam? Pages: 4 Sources: None Format: None | more info

This 7 page paper discusses the changes in modern theological beliefs caused by the growing understanding of evolution. Technological advances and change are the primary catalyst for this change. Four sources are referenced in the paper in MLA style. | more info

This four-page paper is written in MLA format and compares and contrasts Buddhism and Hinduism on the basis of three key concepts: the nature of God, how and why mankind seeks spirituality, and what the meaning of life is, and what can be expected in the afterlife. There are no cited sources. | more info

This four-page paper is written in MLA format and compares and contrasts Buddhism and Hinduism on the basis of three key concepts: the nature of God, how and why mankind seeks spirituality, and what the meaning of life is, and what can be expected in the afterlife. There are no cited sources. | more info

A 12-page paper comparing Buddhism and Christianity. Includes 8 sources. Written at the college sophomore level, the paper addresses common beliefs, prayer, meditation, and other aspects of religion. Jesus’ place in Christianity is compared to Buddha’s role in Buddhism, and the similar stories of both religions are compared. The paper concludes by suggesting that religions are a product of culture and how they help to shape individuals is explained. | more info

This is a 4-page graduate level research paper comparing Buddhism and Christianity. The writer relies on 2 sources. One of sources is by Ford and the other Keown. | more info

This report, three pages in length, in MLA format, and relying on four sources, examines the approaches taken by four American theologians to the examination of the nature of religion as an entity and the religious experience as a human event. The report is based on their own explanatory statements of purpose and of goals | more info

This six-page paper is written on a college sophomore level in MLA format and contains four sources. It is a discussion of monotheism as it pertains to Jews, Christians, and Muslims and how they understand who God is and what He requires of those that believe in Him. | more info

This is a 1157 word paper. It uses six sources. The argument chosen is: “(1) All knowledge comes from sensory impressions. (2) There are no sensory impressions of God. (3) Therefore, God does not exist.” Six sources are used. | more info

This is a 3-page paper written in the MLA style. The paper has 2 parts. The first part (2 pages) is about the Benedictine Order and written in the 1st person about what is involved in being a monk. The 2nd part of the paper (1 page) uses the “Conversion of Clovis” story and answers questions about the conversion. No sources were used. | more info

This is an 11-page History paper in MLA format. The paper reviews Theodore Herzl’s The Jewish State. The paper includes a discussion of the historical context in which the pamphlet was written. Also included in an in-depth analysis of the document itself, | more info

This 6-page research paper uses 3 sources and is in MLA format. It discusses the Reformation in Germany and the use of religion as a means of political and social control. | more info

This is a 2-page essay in MLA format with two sources that takes a critical look at the story Paradise Regained by John Milton. It discusses the temptations of Christ from the poem and their correlation to the same from the Bible. It also discusses how | more info

This six-page paper is based on part on the book “Introducing Feminist Theology” by Anne Clifford. Questions such as “what is feminism” and “what does God look like” are just two of the issues covered in this paper, that has no external references except | more info

This two-page paper is an outline and notes for an oral presentation on Augustine’s view on evil. One source is used. | more info

This is a 3-page term paper written in the MLA style about religious studies. The paper is based on the Bible, specifically the book of 2 Samuel Chapters 11-13. The paper addresses three issues: 1) the principal themes or message and how they are develope | more info

This is a 1.5 page paper. It addresses specific questions referring to Ecclesiastes 1-4 and 12. There are no outside sources. | more info

This is a two page paper. The topic is Islam as a religion. There are two outside sources and they are cited using an MLA format. | more info

This eight-page paper explains how and what spiritual and emotional Hinduism experiences are arrived at through different types of yogas. The paper covers the basic history of Hinduism, the different types of yogas there are and how they support the Hind | more info

This eight-page paper is a research proposal for a 200-page dissertation on the subject of spiritual gifts in the local church, and whether or not encouragement and training in these gifts by the church results in an increase in laity involvement over all | more info

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