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This is a three page paper that discusses W.E.B. Du Bois concept of double consciousness. This paper is written in MLA style and discusses what is meant, how it relates to the themes of being an American and being Black, and whether the concept of double consciousness still exists in modern society. The paper uses the one source, which is Du Bois book. The client needs to fill in the place of publication and the publisher. | more info

This paper presents the story of the challenges faced by Black female dentists in America. The essay also answers questions pertaining to historical advancements and current challenges of African-American women in the field of dentistry as well as current statistics and the differences in wages between white and black women in this profession. Pages: 4 and title page Sources: 8 Format: APA | more info

This essay discusses the unfair judgment created by social prejudices against people of color in the United States. The specific experiences of Brent Staples are used to make the point that there are many negative stereotypes of African Americans and these life experiences are then related to the metaphor of life by Joyce Carol Oates. Pages: 2 Sources: 2 Format: MLA | more info

This paper illustrates the typical lives of slaves in early colonial days. With bits of information generated from Frederick Douglass, the horrifying and binding life experiences of slaves is depicted along with the reasons behind the treatment. Pages: 4 Sources: 2 Format: MLA | more info

The purpose of this 10-page, Turabian style paper with footnotes is to discuss the factors of the so-called “triangle trade” of the Atlantic Slave trade, its manifestations, reasons, economic influence and outcomes. Also discussed is the extent of human suffering involved in the Atlantic Slave Trade during the Sixteenth to Eighteenth centuries. Bibliography offers 16 sources. | more info

This report, 5 pages in length, in MLA format and relying on 5 sources, examines the legal and extralegal efforts to deny emancipated blacks their rights during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Further, it examines the first efforts--ultimately to little avail--to secure such rights and the follow-on efforts of the 1950s and 1960s. It provides a capsule description of certain applicable Supreme Court decisions. | more info

The purpose of this 7-page, MLA-style paper is to compare Steele’s concept of the black’s individual’s need to identify with the “poor” black lower class to confirm his/her own identity, to determine if rap reinforces destructive images of African men or if it represents a genuine and political validity and how that figures into the larger artistic representation of people of color. Bibliography includes five sources. | more info

This five-page paper is written in MLA format on a college senior level and contains no sources. It is a discussion of slavery. The paper uses the narratives of Frederick Douglass and Linda Brendt to show how masters controlled their slaves and how the slaves resisted them. | more info

This 5 and a half-page paper, citing no sources, discusses Anne Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississippi. Anne’s emotions and experiences throughout the book are analyzed as well as the significant events of the Civil Rights Movement and their effect on her. Moody’s opinions of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are discussed and the essay concludes by explaining Moody’s feelings of accomplishment, or lack thereof, following the Civil Rights Movement. | more info

This five-page paper is written in MLA format on a college junior level and contains six sources. The paper is a discussion of how the media has an effect on black economy and education, specifically, how the media depicts racism and minority generalization and stereotyping as a truth. How easily the general public is convinced of what the media portrays about the African-American population is also discussed. | more info

This is a six page paper written at the college Junior level with 10 references presented in MLA format. The essay discusses African Adolescent culture and influences from the African American family, education and the education system, and the media. How all of these aspects effect the African teen is also explained. | more info

This is a 5-page paper answering the following questions: 1) Do the accepted theories of life experiences apply to all cultures (e.g., Erick Erikson, Piagera)? Or, to the culture being specifically researched?; 2) How are Afro-American adolescents prepared for adulthood?; and 3) In the Afro-American culture does religion affect/influence culture and its adolescents? The paper relies on 4 sources in APA style. | more info

This report discusses factors involved in the internal emancipation of Frederick Douglass while he was still in bondage during the 1820s and 1830s. Douglass describes both the horrendous moral destruction the institution of slavery did to both master and slave. And he describes the awesome power granted by literacy. It relies solely on his memoir, An American Slave. 3.5 pages: APA format | more info

This report 8 pages in length, relying on 14 sources and in Turabian format (as requested), discusses the performance of black troops in Vietnam, the sources of black casualties in that conflict, with reference to changing personnel acquisition strategies, the racial tensions that afflicted the armed forces and their relationship to ongoing public disturbances, and some evidence for change in the intervening years | more info

This seven-page paper is written in APA format on a College Masters level and contains five sources. It is a discussion of how career counseling is important for African Americans, who have been an underserved group throughout history. Many of these individuals have unique needs and difficulties in finding good career placements, and therefore they need more help than Caucasian individuals. | more info

This two page essay examines: 1) How African slaves came to the New World and their likely living conditions upon arrival; 2) The evolution of Britain’s treatment of its North American colonies from the Seven Years War to the American Revolution. Four sources were used. This paper is written in MLA style. | more info

This fifteen-page paper looks at the paradox of styles exhibited by African American poets during the time of the Harlem Renaissance. The paper will show the differences in styles between such poets as Countee Cullen, Claude McKay and Langston Hughes in a bid to show that stylistically and through language used there were some African American poets of the era that wanted to be appreciated for their poetry rather than their heritage, whilst others used their poetry to help describe what it meant to be a Negro during this time period. The paper includes thesis statement and seven references. | more info

This is a three page paper on the life of Frederick Douglass and the narrative of the same name. In particular, this paper answers three questions: How did Frederick Douglass’ personal experiences illustrate 19th century American race relations? Was Douglass' life typical or exceptional? What was his legacy for future generations of Americans? It is written in MLA style and uses one source. | more info

This 9-page paper focuses on the theme of new identity of the New Negro that emerges from close analysis of Langston Hughes’ poems. The paper explains what New Negro Renaissance was all about and how Hughes participated in it and endorses this movement. His poems reflect a desire for carving out a new identity which was the basic principle underlying the New Negro Renaissance. | more info

This is a two page paper that details the transformation of a slave into a man in the story “The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Written by Himself.” Douglass’ life is analyzed using the book including his accomplishments in the face of inhumane adversary. It uses one source and is written in MLA style. | more info

This 1-page paper discovers a major theme in Langston Hughes’ works and generates a thesis. The central idea that most of his works were based on dealt with the concept of self-identity and racial pride. | more info

This 4-page paper focuses on the issue of racial identity and choice in the book, ‘The autobiography of an ex-colored man’ by James Weldon Johnson. The paper studies the dilemma faced by the protagonist in the light of the last line of the novel where the ex-colored man reveals his dissatisfaction with the choice he made. | more info

This report--a synopsis of Gary Nash's monograph 'Black people in a white people's country,' three pages in length and in MLA format--provides an overview of the development of international slavery in West Africa beginning in the latter years of the 15th century, economic influences, impact of the 'middle passage,' and the impact on white society as African slavery became more institutionalized in the western hemisphere. | more info

This paper discusses Brown vs. The Board of Education and the impact that it had on America, integration, and Civil Rights. The reasons for the trial beginning are briefly given along with the Supreme Court ruling at the completion of the case. It is two pages long and done in MLA format. | more info

This report, 1two pages in length, relying on 14 sources and in MLA format, provides an overview of the civil rights and black power movements. It examines each in terms of strategies and goals. Finally, it assesses their relative merits and prospects for the future. | more info

This five-page paper uses three sources to discuss the concepts of freedom as explored and sought after by Nat Turner, Frederick Douglas and Robert Owen. It discusses the obstacles these three people had to contend with in their personal lives, and how these three individuals fitted into their role in the democratic society between 1825 and 1850. | more info

This report—3 pages in length, in MLA format, and relying on 2 sources—considers French sociologist Loic Wacquant’s theory of the prospective amalgamation of prison and ghetto in America. The report describes the underlying historical argument employed by Wacquant--the progression of official and unofficial efforts to maintain blacks in an inferior social position--and follows that with the suggestion that today's level of black incarceration will develop into a condition in which prison and ghetto culture will merge. The report concludes with thoughts on the likelihood of this outcome being realized and alternative outcomes that might take its place. | more info

The purpose of this 25-page, Turabian-style (with footnotes) paper is to study the lack of African Americans in the senior and executive management levels of American corporate business; identifying the environmental conditions, structural inequalities, and salient attributes of individuals who have achieved this level of authority in their respective organizations and their career trajectories and common conditions which may be extrapolated for further discussion and recommendations to ensure proactive inclusion of these individuals at high levels of American corporate management. Bibliography offers 53 sources. | more info

This is a nine-page research paper analyzing the lack of opportunities for African Americans in business management. Statistics, anecdotes, and possible solutions to the problem are among the issues discussed. The paper is written in MLA format, and uses 10 sources. | more info

This report, 4 pages in length, in MLA format and relying on 6 sources, describes the freedom rides on the summer of 1961, their objectives and outcomes. The report also describes earlier efforts at desegregating public transportation facilities and those Supreme Court decisions directly related to the effort. | more info

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