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Summary: This is a two-page essay offering a critique of two short films found on Youtube at and The films are titled: Aids in Africa: No More; and Our Lives are in Our Hands. The essay offers an analysis of the techniques used in the film to bring about public awareness of the AIDS crisis in Africa. There are no other research sources used. | more info

This 15-page paper examines the leadership skills of Haile Sellassie, the emperor of Ethiopia. The paper focuses on various sectors of economy, political and social structure to see how Sellassie rule impacted these areas. The paper uses important scholarly resources and appends them in APA format. | more info

This is a 6-page term paper on the topic of African and African American Studies. The title and topic are the Boston Massacre of 1770. It covers the facts and figures and illustrates them so that they are easy to understand. It is presented in Chicago format and relies on 6 sources. | more info

This report—8 pages in length, in Chicago/Turabian style, and relying on 8 sources—examines and compares the objectives and strategies of the Nation of Islam (in the United States) and the Muslim Brotherhood (in Egypt). The report outlines those areas in which the organizations in question have accommodated ostensible religious tenets to the achievement of political goals. Finally, the report points out fundamental differences in both organizational objectives and the political environment in which they function. | more info

This paper compares and contrasts the religions of Africa. Rituals and beliefs are discussed as well as what the religions believe happens in the afterlife. The importance of herbs, charms, and sacrifice are also explained. Pages: 2 Sources: 5 Format: MLA | more info

This essay discusses the Rwandan murders of the Tutsi tribe by the Hutu tribe. The mass murder is compared to the Holocaust and the question of why no one intervened is addressed. Pages: 3.4 Sources: 5 Format: Chicago with footnotes | more info

This report, 8 pages in length, relying on 11 sources and in MLA format, answers a series of questions regarding various aspects of colonial administration in Africa, the late 19th century European colonial “scramble for Africa,” the implications of European colonial policy for relations between European states, and the various post-colonial outcomes | more info

This 5 page paper in MLA style using seven sources seeks to explore reasons for European imperial expansion into Africa and examine the European mindset behind this expansion. In addition, this paper will explore the ways in which Africans both contributed to and contradicted this mindset even into the present century. | more info

This three page essay, relying on two sources offered in MLA format, discusses colonialism in Africa. The research efforts of John and Jean Comaroff are analyzed. | more info

This is a nine-page paper on the history of apartheid. It is written in Chicago (Turabian) style with footnotes and six sources. Apartheid was about white domination and racial separation. The paper focuses on the beginnings of apartheid, the important people associated with pro- and anti-apartheid efforts and the effects of apartheid on South Africa and its people. | more info

This is a 5-page paper written in MLA style using a minimum of 3 sources. It addresses the experiences of the Zulu of South Africa under colonialism and their current conditions as a result of colonialism. | more info

This is a twelve page paper that discusses Winnie Mandela. Winnie Mandela is a woman whose attitudes, convictions and actions were formed by her cultural and social experiences of struggle as a black woman in a repressive white-controlled country. She faced gender and race discrimination, a difficult non-traditional marriage to a man branded a political criminal and her own battles with the white authority – yet went on to make a profound difference in the reality of blacks in South Africa and their evolution from an oppressed people to one having freedom and self-determination. The purpose of this paper is to discuss her life and the factors that affected and shaped her development as the “Mother of the Nation” of South Africa. It is written in MLA style and uses 7 sources | more info

This report—in MLA format, relying on the text of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and 4 pages in length—discusses a number of textual ambiguities that are slowly clarified as the story progresses. These include such matters as fate (exemplified in the knitting women, found in different parts of the text), the introduction of European business concepts (exemplified in the Accountant on the yacht Nellie and the company accountant in the bush station), and the social disintegration of Europeans the longer they remain in the African bush (exemplified in a number of Company traders and, more specifically, in Kurtz’ journal). | more info

This is a forty page paper that describes how the HIV virus affects women in Mozambique. The paper is written in APA style and uses 25 sources. The paper includes a detailed abstract. | more info

This 14-page College Masters-level paper is written in MLA format and cites 12 references. It discusses the San people of South Africa, and presents research on their status as the aboriginal inhabitants of the country. It traces the cultural views of others regarding the San, and the effect that these conceptions had on the decline of San culture. It traces the self-image of the San, and their treatment by the governments of their countries, the NGOs of the countries and of the world, and gives some interpretation of the possible effects of recent developments. | more info

This 3-page paper answers four important questions in connection with readings on Negro history. The paper first discusses the educational philosophies of important black men like WEB Du Bois and Booker T Washington to highlight the differences in their approach. The paper also highlights Woodson’s critique of Du Bois’ Talented tenth idea. And examines the role played by Marcus Garvey in creating the image of a new black person. The paper only depends on assigned readings. | more info

This is a two page paper in response to Kotter’s article. It entails identifying eight pitfalls associated with Kotter's eight-stage model of managing change, responding to the question as to whether organizational change and my perceptions on Porter’s formula for change. It relies on two sources in APA format. | more info

What follows is an essay that critiques a book that describes a culture in the southern part of the African continent. It describes the book and its contents, and then answers a question about the writer’s feelings about ethnocentric responses that the writer may experience. Finally, the essay relates the experience to discussions about the subject that may have arisen in class. | more info

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