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This is a 2-page essay discussing Discourse on the Method by Rene Descartes. This work analyzes Descartes’ approach to nature. It offers merits and drawbacks associated with his approach to nature. It relies on 1 source and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a 2-page essay comparing the differences between two critiques of rationalist philosophy. The critique of Blaise Pascal will be compared to the critique of John Locke. A suggestions as to which critique is more convincing will be offered. It relies on 2 sources and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a 5-page term paper discussing Chinese Political Thought. It compares and contrasts the Socrates myth associated with Confucianism to the Tiantai school of thought. It answers questions related to the beliefs of each school regarding human nature, current condition of mankind and a solution bases on Socratic myth. It relies on 2 sources and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a one page summary of the article “The Hazards of Naming Sexual Attraction” by Michael Kauth. The article states there are three hazards. The first is that it is risky because it is arrogant, elitist, and because it names actions, not feelings. The second is because of the historical and cultural definitions of words. The third is because the labeling is usually done by people in power to subjugate a minority group of people. The paper uses no sources. | more info

This is a three page essay on the usage of various types of reasoning as they apply to dentistry. The example of the toothache is used to illustrate the use of deduction and induction from an empiricist’s perspective. It is written in APA format and includes 3 references. | more info

Summary: This is a seven-page, MLA-cited paper discussing Thomas Hobbes and his idea that any form of government s better than no government at all, which he calls the State of Nature. It is a position paper that disagrees with Hobbes’ philosophy of absolute state authority. It is supported by online and printed research listed on a bibliography page at the end of the paper. | more info

This is a 3-page philosophy personal position paper discussing ethical reasoning. It describes what ethical reasoning means to the writer in everyday life. It also analyzes how this opinion changed after watching the presentation. It makes references to the text to support these convictions. It relies on 2 sources and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a 3-page philosophy essay discussing Obi Okonkwo from No Longer at Ease. It analyzes this character and his challenges in balancing traditional values of his culture with values of the society in which he lived. This is compared to conflicting loyalties evident in American culture today. It relies on 2 sources and is presented in APA format. | more info

This is a 3-page essay on the subject of philosophy. The topic is ethical reasoning. The text reviewed is the first chapter of a book by Lisa H. Newton, and the subject of the chapter is ethics, which she presents from a highly philosophical viewpoint. It is presented in MLA format. It relies on 1 source. | more info

Summary: This is a seven page MLA-cited paper discussing libertarianism as perceived by Nozick and the FDA. It answers the question of whether Nozick should support an organization like the present day FDA in that he would not. It discusses the minimal state concept of Nozick’s Utopia and how an organization like the FDA would be contrary to his principles of a free-market world. | more info

This is a three-page paper in APA format that uses four sources. The writer looks at a hypothetical moral situation that a dentist faces and analyzes the situation and how the dentist should deal with it based on the principles of Kant and Mill. The writer ultimately decides that neither philosophical approach would work well in modern times. | more info

Summary: This is a five-page, MLA-style paper discussing ethical subjectivism and emotivism. It defines these theories and assesses their strengths and weaknesses, offering suggestions as to what can make the theories viable and less subject to criticism. It offers counter arguments against both theories and describes the limitations of ethical thinking. It is supported by online and printed research listed on a Works Cited page at the end of the paper. | more info

This is a 5-page essay comparing the philosophies of Hobbes and Spinoza in solving a real life problem: the governing of a community. A community was chosen, a problem pointed out and then Hobbes and Spinoza\'s theories were used to solve the problem. The assignment called for 5 pages plus a page of reflection; there is no reflection page in this paper. The total paper is presented in MLA format, has 0 references and 1,581 words. | more info

This is a 1-page essay discussing the responses to the demise of Logical Positivism and the failure of the Verification Criterion of Meaning. This paper will explain the two views of making something else the unit of meaning or arriving at a different account of meaning. It will also show which direction Quine chose and which view Wittgenstein and the Ordinary Language Philosophers chose. | more info

This is a 3-page philosophy essay discussing ethical and moral decision-making. It applies five philosophical theories to a specific situation to compare and contrast the insights and merits of these theories to morality. The paper does not reference any source material and is formatted using MLA style. | more info

This 5-page paper discusses Aristotle’s life and contributions. He is one of the most well known names in the world of western philosophy but not much was known about his early life due to lack of interest initially. A pupil of Plato, Aristotle did not only contribute to philosophy but also to the fields of physics, politics and metaphysics etc. This paper takes help from two books on Aristotle which are appended in the reference section. | more info

This is a graduate level term paper on the subject of philosophy. The case of “MOORE v. CITY OF EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES 431 U.S. 494 May 31, 1977” is examined and theories of ethics are applied to that case. The ruling in the case is analyzed in order to decide whether the ruling judge has a positivist, naturalist or realist attitude in relation to the law and morality. This is a 4 page paper written in MLA format, it relies on 2 sources. | more info

This paper discusses free will and analyzes four philosophers’, as well as my own opinion, about the subject. It is written in MLA style and uses no sources. The thesis statement is: The question of free will has been debated for centuries by philosophers, with theories going from one extreme to the other; the theories of four philosophers, Baron D’Holbach, Walter Stace, Richard Taylor, and Henry Frankfurt, will be examined, and while all of the philosophers have reasonable arguments, my opinion is that people always have free will, even if they do not always have freedom of actions. | more info

This report, in MLA format, relying on one source, and 2 pages in length, examines the concept of leisure, both in terms of anterior requirements and ultimate goal. | more info

This report, 7 pages in length and in MLA format, provides answers to several essay questions concerning leisure and its purpose. The paper provides no sources. | more info

This is a 7 and ¾ paper about Descartes theory. It is written in MLA style and uses no sources. The thesis statement is: This paper will discuss Descartes theory of doubt, and the reasons why things many not exist despite proof that they do exist: In addition, this paper will use Descartes own theory to provide reasons why his theory of doubt may not be valid. Please check over the highlighted text to make sure they are acceptable. The paper will make sense if you choose to delete them. | more info

The purpose of this 4-page, MLA-style paper is to discuss the proposition that prosperity is not a prerequisite for being a good person. No sources were used. | more info

This three-page paper is an argumentative essay about Socrates’ dialogue regarding the immortality of the soul and the acquisition of knowledge. The paper shows the proof Plato had of the souls existence (because of the existence of ideas), before it addresses the “paradox of inquiry,” which is one example of the argumentative differences between the Phaedo and the Meno. | more info

This two-page paper looks at the concepts of Axiological arguments – theories that hold that nothing is really better than anything else, and how the theories of Descartes, especially those purported to prove the existence of God, might relate to those theories. Two sources are used. It is written in APA style. | more info

This report, 5 pages in length, in MLA format, and relying on 6 sources, defines realist and idealist perceptions of international relations and discusses the application of those perceptions to international organizations. | more info

This is a two page paper about the idea that the only condition humans can be sure of is his/her existence. The paper uses no sources. | more info

This report is an essay, 1700 words in length, on the subject of spiritual transformation through love. The paper uses no sources. | more info

This 8-page research paper uses 5 sources and is in MLA format. It discuses the life and works of Plato. | more info

This is a 2+ page philosophical analysis discussing the Empirical theory of John Locke. It includes discussion of the basic tenets of the theory, simple and complex ideas, and Locke’s refutation of substance and innate concepts in human consciousness. It is written in MLA format and uses no sources. | more info

This paper looks at Thomas Aquinas' philosophy, five proofs of proving the existence of God, the criticisms of the proofs, and the problem of evil within his philosophy. The author's main thesis is: Aquinas' intense engagement with Aristotle's thought profoundly influenced his own. He adopts essential insights from Aristotle, as is especially evident in his theory of knowledge. He rejects Augustine's idea that we need divine illumination to attain certain knowledge. The human intellect has a natural light that is itself sufficient for the knowledge of truths. The way to intellective cognition passes from sensory cognition through abstraction: the intellect abstracts the intelligible content from sense images.Pages: 20 Sources: 7 Format: MLA | more info

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