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This is a 10-page research proposal describing a project aimed at researching the cause for the shortage of Latino nurses. This paper relies on seven sources presented in APA format. It includes a title page, abstract, introduction, literature review, framework, and conclusion. The body of the paper delves into the background and significance of the problem of the Latino nurse shortage. Several pieces of literature are reviewed to explain related research. The proposed research project is explained in detail. | more info

This is a 10-page Capstone Project that addresses the subject of ineffective staffing procedures. Background of the subject, including examples of empirical and theoretical literature, is given. Evidence of the use of a scientific process as well as extensive research and analysis can be seen in the project description. Financial information is also provided in the project description. It relies on 13 sources presented in APA format. | more info

This is a 6-page nursing research paper discussing rickets in the African American population. The African American culture is described using the Leininger model. The health care issue is presented and includes statistics and its effect on the African American culture. In addition, reasons why the health issue hasn’t been dealt with in the African American culture are presented as well as strategies and goals for primary and secondary prevention of rickets. It relies on 5 sources and is presented in APA format. | more info

This is a 5-page nursing research paper discussing the ethics for nurses regarding life support removal. It offers background information on the issue as well as specific issues facing nurses. It also discusses the pros and cons of life support removal. It relies on 10 sources and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This paper – three pages in length, in APA format and utilizing that of four different resources pertains to the importance of childhood immunizations. It also discusses the role of parents in making sure that children receive those immunizations. The history and progression of immunizations over the past few years will be discussed briefly within the body of this paper. | more info

This is a 4-page nursing research paper discussing the issue of regenerating family. It identifies and defines the topic. It also defines the facts outlined in the article in the own words of the writer. It also discusses how the information in the article pertains to the client system and its relevance to nursing. It relies on 0 sources and an abstract and reference page are not required. | more info

This is a 6-page paper on the subject of nursing. The topic is the shortage of nursing as the problem and mentoring. It is presented in APA format. It relies on 4 sources (a variety). It includes each of the requested subheadings. In a time of economic hardship and high unemployment, certain important job vacancies need to be kept under a critical watch. There is currently a large nursing shortage that is affecting the entire country. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the problem of the nursing shortage, as well as mentoring. | more info

This is a 2-page nursing term paper discussing statistical information in trauma nursing. It identifies the types of statistical information related and collected in trauma nursing, as well as the type of data that should be and are not collected currently. It also describes advantages of accurate interpretation of data to improving decision making in trauma nursing. It relies on 2 sources and is presented in APA format. | more info

This is a 3-page term paper in the subject of nursing. The topic is statistics—research report analysis. It discusses a study that was conducted on El Paso residents to determine how many of them were crossing the border into Juarez for medical care. It is presented in APA format and relies on 1 source. | more info

The following is an answer to a question consisting of 183 words for which the requested range was 150 – 275 words. The question asks to specify a fictional research study, locate a source of funding specific to the research and a source of general research funding. The website addresses are supplied within the document and on the references page. The answer is supported by two sources and is written in APA format. | more info

This is a 12-slide presentation on the topic of nursing research. The subject is nursing. It explores the use of nursing research findings in evidence-based practice. The bulk of the content is based on the article provided, but an additional 5 sources are used. It is presented in APA format. | more info

Those who chose to work in the medical field have a well-defined idea of what they want to accomplish in their lifetimes. They have a sense of leadership and commitment which translates to outstanding care and compassion and these traits comes across in the care given to others. Establishing a style of leadership is paramount. This 5 page paper in APA format has 9 sources and discusses leadership effectiveness within the nursing field. | more info

This is an 8-page nursing discussing negative wound pressure or wound vac. It integrates the roll of the wound care nurse by analyzing indications, contraindications, the application of vac dsg, cost effectiveness and companies that market wound vac materials. It relies on 10 sources and is presented in APA format. | more info

This is a 7-page nursing paper discussing community health nursing. Healthy People 2010 is utilized to provide information about obesity. Obesity is described including background factors, statistical data, risk factors and vulnerable population. It also includes primary, secondary and tertiary levels of prevention and applies Watson’s Theory of Human caring. Finally it identifies the role of the Community Health Nurse. It relies on 3 sources and is presented in APA format. | more info

This is an 8-page research paper on the subject of nursing. The title and topic are Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Effects on the Musculoskeletal System. The paper covers an overview of the disease and also includes how nurses can intervene and help. It is presented in APA format and relies on 6 sources. | more info

This is a college freshman level paper on the topic of rheumatoid arthritis. The causes, effects and symptoms of arthritis are discussed. Treatment methods and prognosis reports are examined. This paper consists of 5 pages; it is written in APA format and relies on 4 sources. | more info

This is a college senior level paper on the subject of nursing. Advantages of an open family visitation program for patients in MICU at LBJ hospital in Houston Texas are specifically discussed. The need for change to the hospital visitation policy is analyzed and a plan for change is proposed. This paper is written in APA format; it consists of 5.5 pages and relies on 4 sources. | more info

This is a college senior level term paper on the subject of nursing. The topic of professional ethics, the relationships between legal and ethical nursing issues and ethical theories and principles are discussed. The application of ethical theories as related to pediatric bedside nursing is examined. This is a 6 page term paper written in APA format, it relies on 4 sources. | more info

This is a 4-page nursing paper that discusses the Hydatidiform mole. It includes pathophysiology signs and symptoms, defines the condition, and discusses disease incidence and organs involved. It also includes psychiatric pt site theories of occurrence, progression of disease, clinical manifestations, stages, chief complaints, lab changes, diagnostic tests and medical management. Finally, it discusses risk factors, nursing management care implementation, rationale for pt education, complications and side effects of tests. It relies on 3 sources and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a 10-slide presentation that discusses telecommunications in nursing. It defines telecommunications and applies it to pediatric bedside nursing. It includes advantages, disadvantages and the importance of telcommunications. Finally, it offers an opinion about where telecommunications will be in five years. It relies on 5 sources and is presented in APA format. | more info

This is a college junior level term paper on the subject of nursing. The impact that technology has on decision making in nursing is discussed. Uses of technology for patient and client management and an analysis of the impact that technology has on health care and health status is discussed. This is a 2 page paper written in APA format, it relies on 2 sources. | more info

This three-page paper outlines a study to determine the stresses faced by nurses and nurse managers as they attempt to deal with the challenges currently facing the Canadian health care system. Six sources were used. | more info

This report, 19 pages in length, in MLA format, relying on 26 sources, and including an appendix, analyzes and discusses the anticipated shortfall of registered nurses in the United States. It considers alternative sources for such healthcare personnel and provides a conclusion regarding the likelihood of meeting projected personnel shortages. | more info

As suggested in The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Response Act of 2002, the role of nurses is vital to an effective, organized response to the threat of bioterrorism. It is important for nurses to understand the larger picture and their role within it, to perform their jobs more efficiently and accurately in the biodefense effort, in case of terrorism or other environmental event. The purpose of this paper is to discuss biological agents, biodefense and the role of nurses. Bibliography offers 8 sources. | more info

This essay explains the difficult duties of a nurses when dealing with terminally ill patients. The paper illustrates all factors of the nurse's job and how they can and should help the patient. How a nurse should deal with suicidal patients as well as how one should handle talking with patients about death is also discussed. Pages: 6 Sources: 5 Format: MLA | more info

This paper is a quantitative nursing report dealing with what is known in the medical field as quality of life. A problem statement, study purpose, research question, hypothesis, study variables, and conceptual model are given in relation to better defining quality of life. Pages: 4.7 Sources: 1 Format: MLA | more info

This paper explores some of the new roles in the field of nursing. The writer states that increased responsibilities, economic pressure and a shortage of qualified personnel make it necessary for today's nurses find new ways to work smarter, not harder. Pages: 7 Sources: 5 Format: APA | more info

This paper explores moral problems involving decisions nurses face concerning how much information to provide a seriously ill patient about results in an experimental course of treatment. Pages: 3 Sources: 2 Format: MLA | more info

This paper analyzes using evidence based methodology of research on the issue of nursing shortage. It mentions at how, in the recent years institutions felt there is a reduced level of specialized nurses such as pediatric nurses and critical care nurses and investigates through evidence based practice as to the cause of such shortage and what remedial measures could administrators adopt to overcome the nursing shortage crises. Pages: 11 Sources: 8 Format: APA | more info

This 2 page, APA style, article review in the Nursing field focuses on helping cardiac patients. The impact of nursing on cardiac patient care is undisputed. The kind of impact, however, differs greatly based upon the philosophical and management approach to the relationship between the patient and nursing care. In September of 2003, Gary Lane’s “Nurse-led management of heart failure in primary care: successful strategies for nurse-led management of heart failure within hospitals can be adapted for the primary care setting” was published in the British journal, Practice Nurse. This article brought to light what had been, probably, on the minds of many nurse practitioners, that by turning over post-operative and secondary care to nurses has very positive results, and that nurse practitioners can have just as powerful an effect in the primary care setting (Lane, 2003). The impact upon cardiac post-care planning is significant in that with simple changes in how nurses are involved with the planning, management, and care of patients, fatalities can be reduced while increasing post-operative and post-care success. It is the purpose of this paper to review Lane’s article and to discuss it’s importance to the field of nursing. | more info

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