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This is a six-page research paper analyzing various statistics for 43 companies. It offers an overview of the market cap, return on equity, debt to equity, and net profit margin for the companies. It combines them in groups and analyzes them with charts and diagrams. All charts and diagrams are labeled and reflect information presented in a table. A focus on the median, mean, and mode of each group. It relies on five sources presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a 4-page research paper discussing the task of inscribing a triangle inside a square with certain restrictions on the properties of the square and triangle. It addresses the problem by breaking it down into specific cases and then providing examples and illustrations. It shows that based on some constraints, it is impossible to inscribe a particular triangle inside a square. | more info

Summary: This is a 1 page report in APA format relying on 1 source. It answers two questions that were provided. The first deals with how statistics led to the development of computer systems and how computer systems helped to develop statistics. The second questions deals with the relative weaknesses of both categorical and continuous variables. | more info

Summary: This is a one-page, MLA-format paper reviewing an article called “A nationwide epidemic” By Michelle Malkin. It reviews the article and then offers an opinion on the subject matter, which is “fuzzy math.” There are no other sources used. | more info

This is a three-page essay discussing the use of math in the dentistry/orthodontics field of employment. A general overview of dentistry and orthodontics is provided, as well as a summary of the necessary education and costs involved. Specific college math classes necessary for a person obtaining a dentistry/orthodontics degree are also named. It relies on three sources presented in APA format. | more info

This report, 5 pages in length, relying on 6 sources, and in MLA format, describes Galileo’s mathematical-experimental model as supporting the Copernican heliocentric system. | more info

This four-page paper is made up of a summary of a mathematical text chapter on cryptography and the answers to a set of eleven questions associated with the chapter information. There are no external references for this paper. | more info

This paper looks at The Chaos Theory and how it applies to science and scientists. Pages: 5 Sources: 1 Format: none | more info

This is a three-page paper in which the author looks at how he uses math in his everyday life. He primarily looks at a car loan to depict how he uses math. This paper uses three sources. | more info

This one page paper explains the meaning of binomial distribution and looks at the probability that occurs in a coin toss where the coin is a fair coin and the trials are independent. The paper is supported by one reference. | more info

This is a one-page exercise on converting English units to metric units. As well, it contains information on a preferred chemistry web site. It is done in MLA format. | more info

This report, 4 pages in length, in MLA format and relying on 6 sources, briefly describes the life and career of Archimedes of Syracuse. It then examines three of his major accomplishments in pure mathematics: integral calculus, ascertaining a value of pi, and solving the sphere-cylinder volume ratio. | more info

This 4 page argumentative paper uses 4 sources and is in MLA format. Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newton are given co-credit for discovering the field of Calculus. There is evidence that although Leibniz published his work before Newton, he may have plagiarized his idea from Newton. This paper will argue in support of this accusation. | more info

This three-page paper is written in MLA format on a high school level and contains no works cited page. The paper is on math definitions. The purpose of the paper is to define specific mathematical terms including infinity, Fibonacci Numbers, Fractals, Zeno's Paradox, The Golden Ratio, and M.C. Escher. Each Website in which these definitions were found is cited. | more info

This is a three page paper in APA format. The paper discusses in detail practical applications of several statistical concepts. These applications include mean, mode, and median, frequency distribution, standard deviation, sampling, frequency polygon, binomial distribution, and hypothesis testing. This essay relies on six sources. | more info

This is an 8-page paper MLA format using 5 sources to demonstrate a math unit for 5th grade geometry. It includes how the lesson plans may be adapted for other grades and includes several types of math aides to be used during hands-on-activities or to support paper-pencil activities. This particular unit also supports learning in other areas, such as science and social studies. What principals the students should learn after this course are listed as well as necessary materials. The paper concludes by explaining the importance of the student’s working together in the classroom. The lessons themselves read almost like worksheets (not written in standard essay format). | more info

This report, 4 pages in length with footnotes, in MLA format and relying on 8 sources, briefly describes the life and career of Archimedes of Syracuse. It then examines three of his major accomplishments in pure mathematics: integral calculus, ascertaining a value of pi, and solving the sphere-cylinder volume ratio. | more info

This three-page paper looks at the novelty of some of the stories in the book Fantasia Mathematica that provides some thought provoking and quite light hearted looks at some of the most difficult of mathematical theory derived through the ages. The essay relies on 2 sources presented in MLA format. | more info

This three-page paper is separated into two parts. In the first section there is a summary of a chapter on the “History of Calculation Devices”, and then the remainder of the paper answers ten different questions concerning properties of computers today. There are no other external sources for this paper. | more info

This three-page paper is written in MLA format on a college junior level and contains two sources. It deals with the Van Hiele Levels. The paper discusses the rationale for them and how they can be used in Geometry classrooms. | more info

Summary- This is a two page statistics assignment that consisted of building an SPSS data sheet, and a separate codebook. I had no access to SPSS 17, which uses an add-in macro to automatically build a codebook, so I built two separate codebooks, one in text form and one in table form. Since there are two files from separate applications, I uploaded the *.doc file through the website, and I sent the SPSS data sheet as an attachment to Vince. | more info

This is a three-page research paper that defines and discusses several topics related to statistics. The following topics/terms are included: statistics, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, histogram, stem and leaf diagram, box and whisker plot, mean, median, mode, variance and standard deviation, correlation, regression, and outliers. What each is used for and how it is used are discussed. The paper uses three sources presented in MLA format. | more info

Summary – A Statistics assignment answering questions from two chapters. There are a total of 33 questions answered along with graphs and tables with a total of 63 pages. The number of pages were needed to make the graphs readable. The questions centered on central limit tendency theory and practice in Chapter two. Comparison of groups within data sets using central tendency tools was the focus of Chapter three. | more info

Summary – A statistics assignment for two chapters of problems follow. The problems include tables illustrating probability and probability distributions. The client’s software was used to calculate answers. Also, several open ended questions were asked and answered at the end of the assigned problems. | more info

This is a 1230 word paper on a proposed survey to be done for a statistics course. It provides information on the data collection process and testing of two developed hypotheses: The first hypothesis is “A greater amount of individuals prefer to put the toilet paper on the tissue roll with the toilet paper lying on the top.” The second hypothesis is “A greater amount of individuals prefer to put the toilet paper on the tissue roll with the toilet paper hanging down from the bottom.” One of these should be conclusive with the evidence that will be obtained once the sample survey is conducted. The paper is in APA format with four sources. | more info

This is a 4-page paper on statistics. It has 3 sources and is in MLA format. The paper presents an illustration of regression analysis in household income versus clothing expenditure. | more info

This is a 9-page paper that examines the 2002 case study entitled “Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service.” Based on an analysis of the case study, this paper attempts to analyze and explain the success of Starbucks in the early 1990s, explain how the new | more info

Summary – This is the eighth module of eight in a statistics class. The review problems from chapters 12 & 13 are answered, as well as, three short answer essay questions. However, I think that there is an error. Both the 7th and 8th modules ask for the r | more info

This is a quiz and test on material involved binomial probabilities, confidence intervals and estimation of sample size. Also covered were hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, p values and some of the language used in the material. | more info

Summary – This is statistics work assignment Module 6. It is a number of problems from two chapters, 10 and 11, from the Levine Business Statistics text. In addition to the odd numbered problems from the chapter review sections, there are three short essa | more info

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