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This is a 3-page research paper discussing wildfires and national parks and forests. It discusses issues surrounding fire suppression and uncontrollable burns. It relies on 8 sources and is presented as a literature review discussing the 8 articles. This information is presented to offer a clear picture of what the literature says about national parks and forests and their fire management techniques. It is presented in APA format. | more info

This is a 3-page annotated bibliography discussing small group dynamics as they relate to human services. A total of five articles are used including information about the background and authority of the author, comments on the intended audience, compare and contrast information as well has how each article illuminates the topic of small group dynamics. It relies on 5 sources and is presented in APA format. | more info

This is a one-page essay discussing The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin. The essay begins with a short summary of the piece. It provides a reaction to the story. It discusses typical reactions to death and the irony that the story presents. It also relates the situation to modern day marriages. It relies on one source, the story, which is presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a 3-page literature five paragraph essay discussing transcendentalism. It discusses transcendentalism from one point of view. It includes information about transcendentalism and issues surrounding it. It relies on 3 sources and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a 4-page literature essay discussing The Humanitarian Sensibility and the Inevitable Conflict. It is a five paragraph essay that includes an introduction, conclusion and body paragraphs. It offers a particular point of view and uses support from outside sources. It relies on 4 sources and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a 7-page critical analysis paper discussing Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. It focuses on ambiguity. It discusses which characters can be considered “forces of nature” that do not function as moral actors. It also analyzes the extent to which man has free will. Finally, it discusses human ability to stray from cultural boundaries. It relies on 1 source and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a one-page paper that answers three specific questions about the short story The Swimmer by John Cheever. It discusses the author’s reference to “everyone” as the people in his neighborhood. It evaluates the way Neddy relates to the world around him and why he decides to swim home. It considers the name that the main character gives to the series of pools he swims to get home. It relies on one source, the short story. | more info

The paper is a four page essay with four sources including the novel under discussion. The paper is formatted in MLA style and discusses the theme of unrequited love, upon which the principle action of the story thrives. The paper discusses the effect unrequited love has on its principle characters and the many facets of their personality that it helps to bring to light. | more info

This is a three-page research paper discussing the presence of revenge in “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe. It presents the idea that the story focuses on human emotions, especially that of revenge. The life of the author is overviewed and the story is summarized. Some history is offered to put information into perspective. Revenge is defined and discussed in relation to the story. A thorough analysis is completed concerning the emotions revealed in the story. It relies on four sources presented in MLA format. | more info

This 2 page analytical essay on The canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer answers The Miller Tales Questions which are to compare and contrast the ideals of love by the men in the Miller's Tale and how does Alison uphold or defy gender roles and identities of 14th Century England? | more info

This is a 7-page comparative literature term paper discussing three plays by Shakespeare. The plays are A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Richard III and Titus Andronicus. The theme of witnessing traumatic acts will be compared among the three plays. This theme will also be analyzed as it evolves in later works by Shakespeare. It relies on 7 sources and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This 3-page paper examines the life of Moll Flanders to establish that she was a survivor and not a sinner. The paper makes arguments in favor of Flanders’ need for survival that forced her to commit crimes. The paper appends two sources n MLA format. | more info

This literature review (5 pages in length, in MLA format, and relying on 4 sources) examines the book Glinda of Oz. The report provides a brief overview of the author L. Frank Baum, a summary of the entire book, and concludes with some personal interpolations on the structure and message perceived from the author’s writings. | more info

This is a one page, MLA style essay discussing the Voltaire novel Candide. The essay discusses the relationship of Candide and Cunegonde. This essay tells if this novel is a love story and how Candide’s actions are influenced by his feelings for Cunegonde. | more info

Part I of this one page review gives three tentative thesis questions regarding conflict. Part II has two thesis statements involving conflict that can be derived from Voltaire’s work Candide. In conclusion, there are fifteen quotes that show the theme of the book. The paper is written in MLA style. | more info

This report - six pages in length in the MLA style and a works cited page including eight citations- is an essay about Walker Percy the author. It includes a biography of the important events in his life that shaped his style of writing and thinking. It compares the life events with characters and excerpts from his works. | more info

This is a 5-page critical analysis Literature paper discussing Voltaire’s novella Candide. Included in this paper are the pros and cons of optimism viewed as a philosophy of life. The paper uses a supplied list of 15 quotes from Candide. Five are used as direct quotes, the other 10 and paraphrased or summarized quotes. The manual of style is MLA. | more info

This seven page paper discusses the themes in Leo Tolstoy’s novel, Resurrection. The paper mainly focuses on the theme of resurrection and uses the novel as its main source. The paper appends two sources in APA format. The paper is written on a college freshman level. | more info

This 4-page paper focuses on the relationship between Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy while discussing nature of female authorship in 19th century England. The paper explains how women were expected to behave and how Elizabeth was different. The paper uses five sources and these are appended in MLA format. | more info

This seven page book report in APA format is on the book \The Pursuit of Fairness\ by Terry Anderson. There are three pages of summary and four pages of reaction. The paper is written on a college freshman level and uses one source, the book. The author titled the paper \Justice for All\. | more info

This is a five page paper. The topic is Wuthering Heights introduces an early anticipation of the anti-hero and is particularly well-known for its in-depth study of repression of evil. Batailles book on Literature and Evil contains one of the best essays on the novel, and its ability to link the concept of evil to the innocence of childhood. Are all children inherently evil until they learn the lessons of civilization, which is equally the lesson of repression? This is one of the questions Batailles raises in relation to the novel. To what extent do the laws and customs of Brontes time period sanction the evil of childhood? The paper is written in MLA format and has 2 sources. | more info

This is a 1-page research paper that discusses Emily from “A Rose for Emily” and Calixta in Chopin’s “The Storm.” Both of these characters share certain traits—independence and desire for love—and both defy society’s conventions as a result of sharing these particular traits. It is presented in MLA format and relies on 0 sources. | more info

This is a college master’s level paper on the topic of society in Pride and Prejudice as compared to society in When Washington was Vogue. This is a 6 page paper written in MLA format. High society in the 1800’s is compared to African American society in the 1920’s. This paper relies on 4 sources. | more info

This is a Doctorate level essay on the significance of Alfred Reed on wind band literature. This paper discussed the impact that Reed had on wind band repertoire and focuses around his symphony for brass and percussion. This paper is written in Turabian format with footnotes. It relies on 3 sources and consists of 5 pages. | more info

This is a college junior level term paper on the subject of literature. The Maypole of Merry Mount written by Nathaniel Hawthorne is discussed. Points of view of persona, discussion of imagery and a commentary on the plot are included. This is a 5 page paper written in MLA format, it relies on 4 sources. | more info

This 3-page paper compares Zora Neale Hurston and Richard Wright as two prominent black writers. The paper explains how they were different in their approach but how they both influenced black writing. The paper appends three sources in MLA format. | more info

This 5-page paper discusses the protagonists of two Hurston stories. These stories “Sweat” and “Gilded six-bits” talk about the issues of women and marriage by taking into account the two extremes of married lives. The paper analyzes the differences and similarities in the characters of Delia and Missy May. The paper uses online versions of the two stories. | more info

This is a 5-page analysis of the book Washington Square by Henry James. The essence of the summary is to consider the transitions that Catherine Sloper goes through in the novel to form a sense of self-identity. It is vital that the reader see the different stages of her growth and tie them to examples from within the book. The total paper is presented in MLA format, has 1 reference. | more info

This is a graduate level research paper on the subject of literature. A literary analysis is performed on the short story; A Good Man is Hard to Find written by Flannery O’Conner. The most important aspects of the story are focused on. Several passages from the story are cited. This is a 3 page paper written in APA format, it relies on 4 sources. | more info

This 3-page paper claims that the monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was actually a good person who had turned evil later. He was not inherently cruel but adopted negative traits when the society shunned him because of his deformed structure. The paper uses two sources and appends them in MLA format. | more info

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