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This is a 3 page paper in APA format relying on 4 sources. This paper discusses the differences and similarities between political and economic liberalism. It also looks at two different articles about the Iraqi people and how political and economic liberalism relates to them. | more info

This 10 page paper is written in MLA format and relies on 6 sources. It examines Israel's construction of the separation barrier or wall along the West Bank and will introduce the consequences of the erection of the wall and how it will affect and displace Palestinians. The fact that the wall has ignored previous green-line borders, implemented by the international community, and has changed the urban landscape of the region will also be discussed. | more info

This is a 4 page paper discussing the physical, economic, and developmental aspects of the country Turkey. A brief outline of the major challenges Turkey faces is given and why the author considers them to be important is explained. How the physical, economic and historical development of the country will help or hinder its efforts to meet these challenges is also analyzed. This essay relies on three sources presented in MLA format and is written at the college senior level. | more info

This is a 3 page paper, with 4 sources in MLA format, written at the high school level. It discusses, in depth, the Salman Rushdie case, his book The Satanic Verses, and what has been happening since the case. The paper gives a brief overview of what the book was about, and why it was so controversial to the Islamic people. | more info

This is a 7-page research paper relying on 5 sources written in the MLA format. It is about the conflicts between the Palestinians and the Israelis. It begins with some background on the British control, but the majority of the paper takes place after the British relinquish control of the land to the Israelis. It provides a history of conflicts throughout the last 55 years. It examines the role of the West and Middle Eastern countries in relation to the conflict. | more info

This is a four-page paper on the Middle East. It is written in MLA style with six sources. The paper looks at several elements of the area’s rich history. It starts with religion, which is the foundation for most of the practices of the area. The paper then looks at war and politics. It also focuses on other less negative parts of the culture including the language and the perfume. Together, these elements enrich the Middle Eastern culture. | more info

This is a 4-page essay on Middle Eastern studies. It is done in MLA format and has 3 sources. The essay answers questions concerning the Muslim religion, the Ottoman Empire, attempts at reform, the effect of nationalistic tendencies, and a discussion of the events in the 20th century in the Middle East. | more info

This is a three page essay written as a promatic speech. The writer discusses Kuwait as if it was their country and states their goal for this country is self-sufficiency. How Kuwait can gain economic independence is discussed and the speaker addresses the women of Kuwait directly informing them of their role as well. There are no sources cited. | more info

This is a 6-page paper answering six questions based on a Religious Studies Class-The Jewish American Experience. Each question is contained in one of the six pages. The questions, briefly, cover the concern of Jewish assimilation into American Society; Philadelphia Jews objections to the proposed Frame of Government; the German Jewish population growth in the United States; Jewish immigrants to California; the success of German Jews; and the state of American Jewry in the 1820’s. There is no set format for this paper. | more info

This is a 1-page MLA-format explanation of the phrase “The Jewish Home Beautiful”. It uses one source: the article. | more info

This report, 14 pages in length, in MLA format, and relying on 16 sources, describes the current Israeli security fence construction program, the international political ramifications of its route through the West Bank, decisions of the Israeli supreme court and the international court of justice in the issue, the terrorist threat facing Israel and U.S. attitudes toward the initiative | more info

This report—13 pages in length, in MLA format, and relying on 15 sources—examines the legal arguments supporting resort to preemptive military action intended to preserve the state from likely enemy attack. The report considers the principles growing out the 1837 Caroline Affair and the manner in which it was resolved. The report then considers events (e.g., establishment of the United Nations Charter) that have arguably amended, if not overridden the Caroline rules. Finally, the report considers these factors in light of the 2007 Israeli strike on Syria’s al-Kabir facility (according to Israeli authorities a nuclear reactor designed to produce precursor weapons-grade plutonium) and the same Caroline principles applied to dealings with non-state enemy actors (most notably, Hezbollah). | more info

This report—5 pages in length, in APA format, and relying on 5 sources—evaluates the governance of King Solomon and its implications for fidelity to divine mandates. It briefly outlines the constitutional development of the kingdom from Saul, through David, to Solomon. It describes Solomon’s successes and the manner in which they were achieved. Finally, it evaluates Solomon in terms of his adherence to Mosaic law. | more info

This four-page paper is written on a college senior level in APA format and contains four sources. It is a discussion of social psychology. The paper deals specifically with the violence in the Middle East and how peace negotiators can better handle this conflict based on conflict resolution strategies. | more info

This 2-page research paper uses the 6 sources and is in MLA format. It discusses the employment opportunities available for engineers in Saudi Arabia. | more info

The following research 16-pages in length, uses X sources and is in MLA format. It presents research project in the field of International Human Resources Management regarding salary differential between nationals and expatriates working in the Arab Penin | more info

This four-page essay explores the anomalies which modern Muslim women confront as they attempt to reconcile the traditions of Hijab and Purdah with the career and intellectual opportunities available to them. It is written in MLA format and cites four sou | more info

This report—in APA format, relying on 9 sources, and 7 pages in length—reviews aspects of secular and religious-based transnational terrorism. It first reviews historical instances of resort to terror, both on a private and public level. It then examines | more info

This is a 17-page literature review that is comprised of two parts. The first two pages include the definition of terms related to the rest of the 15 pages which are comprised of a literature review. The focus of the review is the effectiveness of the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan to weaken Taliban influence. It relies on 25 sources and is presented in APA format. | more info

This is a 3 page research paper, MLA format, discussing the Iraq war. It starts by giving a brief introduction of the Iraq war and countries that were involved. It further discusses causes of Iraq war, most of which were linked to Saddam Hussein the Iraq president. The research then discusses consequences of Iraq war. Using causes and consequences of Iraq war, the research gives reasons on why the war was not justified. The research relies on 2 references. | more info

This report—in MLA format, based on 3 sources, and 3 pages in length—describes and evaluates opposition to Jesus’ teaching during the years of his ministry. The report considers three classes of opposition: parochial complacency, misplaced priorities, and rejection as Messiah. | more info

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