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This is a one page paper describing and comparing the U.S. foreign policy regarding Asia and Latin American during the 1920s and 1930s. It discusses the open door policy the U.S. had towards Asia, specifically China and the closed door policy the U.S. had towards Latin America. The thesis is “the United States had different foreign economic policies for Asia and Latin America in the 1920s and 1930s.” The essay is written in APA style and relies on three sources. | more info

This is a two and a half page paper. The first page and a half summarizes Susan Doran’s Elizabeth I: Gender, Power & Politics. The second page is bibliography that lists several resources regarding Elizabeth I. This page is written in MLA style. The thesis statement is: Queen Elizabeth I is admired by many people and historians for her bravery in overcoming limitations placed on her, however, Doran believes her difficulties were not as intense as perceived. | more info

This nine-page paper is based on the ways in which Elizabeth I was an ideal role model for the fairer sex. It explains how she was not averse to using her feminine wiles to affect if required, but she was also a capable and intelligent woman who was often underestimated by those men who surrounded her at court. Supported by references. | more info

This is a 10-page research paper on the history of the Middle Ages. It is done in MLA format and has four outside sources. It explores the Middle Ages from about 325 AD to 1350 AD beginning with Constantine's Edict of Milan, covering the clash of the Western and Eastern Church, the barbarian Migration, The Dark Ages, the Carolingian Renaissance, Feudalism, the new rise of the Cities, the Crusades, and the overall achievement in both Art and Thinking of the 12th and 13th centuries. | more info

In December 1878, Sir Henry began a conflict with the Zulu king, Cetshwayo, hoping that he could collapse the kingdom and its army, which he believed was weak and without weapon. The war, which was a result of this conflict, began in January 1879. This paper will detail the history of this war including the British invasion, Rorke’s Drift; Prince Napoleon’s death; and Cetshwayo's capture, and the role in the post war of 1879 Zulu affairs. This paper is 10 pages long, uses 7 sources, and is written in MLA style. | more info

This report, relying on 3 sources, in MLA format and 7 pages in length, describes the economic and social factors contributing to the 1885-1892 conflict in northern Wyoming known as the Powder River war. The report describes the principal actors in the dispute--small- versus large-scale stock growers--as well as the underlying economic and social conditions that contributed to the conflict. Finally, the report considers those elements that should be considered most to have contributed to what was sometimes a sustained vendetta. | more info

This paper discusses Gandhi's Satyagraha and the salt march of 1930. The paper describes the political atmosphere of India in the 1920's, Gandhi's ability to organize political masses and the relationship between Satyagraha and the salt march. Pages: 13 Sources: 11 Format: MLA | more info

This three-page paper is written on a college junior level in MLA format and contains no sources. It is a discussion of the six most important individuals or events in the Atomic Age and why they are the most influential or important. Among these six are Albert Einstein, Edward Teller, the arms race, the Manhattan Project, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Ginna accident. | more info

This is an eight page paper in MLA style that examines the voyages of Captain Cook. Specifically, this paper looks at if and how Captain Cook impacted the geography of America. Cook’s many sails around the world and the discoveries they lead to are discussed and a brief biography of the man is given. | more info

The purpose of this 3-page, MLA-style paper is to look at two ancient civilizations, China and Rome, to understand how they developed and lasted through thousands of years, to understand their social structures, political systems, economics and the politics of each, primarily to discover if there were elements which developed similarly and how ancient elements of these cultures persist today. No sources were used. | more info

This 5-page, MLA-style paper discusses the enduring contributions that Rome, the Eternal City and its ancient empire, have made to the modern world. Included are mentions of architecture, art, infrastructure, law and language. Bibliography offers 5 sources. | more info

The following three-page paper discusses why the Vietnam War failed. It focuses on the lack of vision, experience, and foresight that led to American defeat. The paper is written in MLA style with two sources. | more info

The purpose of this 10 page MLA-style paper is to examine the ideologies of Nazism and Fascism and their manifestation in Germany (and in Italy) during the interwar period. Bibliography offers 15 sources. | more info

This 12-page research paper uses 9 sources and is in MLA format. Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein is more than a mere horror story. It contains many social themes of the Romantic era and gives us an insight as to the forces that drove the French Revolution, which this paper will discuss. Marry Shelley’s influences will also be analyzed as well as the main themes in “Frankenstein” including religious turmoil and similarities with the story of Adam and Eve. | more info

This report, 10 pages in length, provides capsule descriptions of a number of concepts, groups, religions and individuals associated with the ancient world. This information includes the Minoans, Athenian democracy, Plato the great philosopher, Sparta, Socrates, the Hellenistic world, Stoicism, mystery religions, patricians, Augustus, the Vedic Age, Hinduism, Taosim, Confucianism, the Zhou and Tang Dynasties, Zoroastrianism, and finally Shintoism. Each of these topics are briefly explained and a history is given on each. There are no cited sources. | more info

This is a 7-page paper discussing what influenced the cultural migration of American and European expatriates to Prague in the 1990’s. The historical significance of Prague is discussed as well as Prague’s alluring lifestyle. There are 5 sources for this paper and it is written in MLA format. | more info

The following 3-page model paper answers five questions posed in regards to early Roman culture. The paper is written in MLA style with one source. The questions include: What were the main social problems of early Republican Rome?; Where did Rome expand its influence into first century BC, and what changes happened to the Republic as result?; How and in what areas was Rome influenced by the Greek and Hellenistic World?; Where did Rome expand its influence into first century BC, and what changes happened to the Republic as result?; How was Rome changed under Augustus and the five good emperors? | more info

This 10-page paper is written in Turabian format with endnotes. It discussed the battle of Shiloh, with particular emphasis on the geography and its importance to the battle itself and to the Civil War. | more info

The following 4-page model paper discusses what we can derive from the Mesopotamian culture by reading the Epic of Gilgamesh. It discusses their belief in gods and their search for immortality, among other things. The paper is written in MLA style with one source. | more info

This 8-page research paper uses 5 sources and is in Chicago Manual Format. This paper discusses life at Versailles and the scandals that were a part of daily life. It demonstrates how these scandals led to the French Revolution. The paper also explains King Louis the XIV’s place in this history as well as King Louis the XV’s. The paper concludes by discussing the isolation of the palace at Versailles. | more info

This report, 9 pages in length, relying on 12 sources and in MLA format, examines three independence movements--Haiti, Mexico and Brazil--and identifies those factors (economic, political and social) which contributed to them. It then identifies those factors which appear to be found in all three movements and those which appear unique to the Haitian experience. | more info

The following 1-page paper discusses the history of Independence Day. It discusses the significance of the holiday as well as how celebrations for Independence Day began and how they continue today. It also explains how my family celebrates the holiday. The paper is written in MLA style. | more info

This is a 3-page paper with 3 sources (professional, scholarly and web – see web addresses for all sources) presented in MLA format. It answers the question “How did the war against Mexico, 1846-1848 affect Texas?” The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is discussed and how the United States acquired Texas as a state is explained. The essay concludes by analyzing the resulting culture. | more info

This report, 11 pages in length, relying on 12 sources, and using the Turabian style sheet, examines the Battle of the Little Bighorn, June 25-26, 1876. It describes the origins of the Sioux and Cheyenne grievances, the actions of the government which precipitated the Indian uprising, the original battle plan, and Custer‘s activities at the Little Bighorn River in command of the Seventh Regiment of Cavalry. | more info

This 6-page paper in Turabian citation style, discusses the relative strengths and weaknesses of land-power Sparta against sea-power Athens, and how they used strategies including diplomacy and alliances to overcome weaknesses and exploit their strengths. Bibliography includes 5 references. | more info

The following is a one-page paper about the qualities of attractive women during the Middle Ages. The paper is structured around a quote from Lanval that describes a woman whom Lanval deemed attractive. Varied historical considerations are incorporated. The piece is in MLA format and there are no formal references. | more info

This report, 10 pages in length, in Turabian format, and relying on 11 sources, examines Visigothic and Ostrogothic government, warfare and relationships with the Roman empire. It looks at the careers of two prominent Goths, Alaric (Visigoth) and Theodoric (Ostrogoth) and the manner in which each sought to dominate the Italian peninsula. This report includes footnotes. | more info

This is a 12-page paper with 10 sources including 2 databases, 2 journal articles, 2 movies, 2 newspaper articles and 2 novels of which one is “Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver. The paper is written in MLA format and the topic is Mobutu and Lumumba. The two rulers are discussed in great detail and make up the bulk of the paper. The paper includes an introduction and sections on history and independence. An annotated bibliography approximately 2.5 long, in addition to the 12 pages, comes with this paper. | more info

This is a 10-page paper with 10 sources including 2 databases, 2 journal articles, 2 movies, 2 newspaper articles and 2 novels of which one is “Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver. The paper is written in MLA format and the topic is Mobutu and Lumumba. The two rulers are discussed in great detail and make up the majority of the paper. The paper includes an introduction and sections on history and independence. | more info

The following paper discusses some of the problems encountered when writing about history. Aside from history sometimes being dull, it can also suffer from historian’s bias. Many factors contribute to bias. This paper discusses different ways that historians can approach their writing as to better engage the reader, such as perspectivism and voice. The paper is just over 4 pages long with 4 sources in MLA style. | more info

This report, 5 pages in length and in MLA format, examines the problems faced by the historian--in this case, Patricia Nelson Limerick--in attempting to construct an accurate portrayal of an event. The vehicle for describing these problems--capturing the event in context; not allowing details to overwhelm the story structure; not allowing the structure to dictate the elucidation of components; and providing sufficient dimension that the human participants do not devolve into stick figures--is the Modoc war, 1872-1873, and its aftermath. The report touches on Limerick’s perspective of the responsibilities of the historian, as well as the difficulties inherent in telling a story that is at the same time comprehensive and comprehensible. | more info

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