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This 10-page research paper is in MLA format and uses 4 sources. It discusses the stratigraphy of southern Arizona and its importance in deciphering the Archeological record of the area. | more info

This paper examines the volcano Nyiragongo and the small town near it called Goma. It looks the eruption in February 2002, as well as previous eruptions, and the effect this volcano had on the surrounding areas and inhabitants. Pages: 4 Sources: 4 Format: MLA | more info

This paper looks at platechtonics. It gives a general background of the science and then describes the Earth's structure, earthquakes and the Richter Scale. It includes graphics and a chart. Pages: 7.25 Sources: None Format: None | more info

The purpose of this 3-page, APA-style paper is to answer three questions regarding soil erosion and segradation, agricultural practices, reasons why art is deteriorating and characteristics of slumps, slides and debris flows. Bibliography offers 6 sources. | more info

This is a three-page paper on geology. It answers four questions: What are some common, cost-effective methods of landslide control and prevention? What shoreline structures impede littoral drift and cause beach erosion? How may these structures’ impact be mitigated so as to minimize damage? What is a storm (hurricane) surge, and why is it such a danger in low-lying communities? Why do warm ocean temperature and low atmospheric pressure stimulate hurricane development? It uses three sources to answer these questions. | more info

This is a 1-page paper in the APA style that explains the generalization of why glaciers are found at high latitudes and high altitudes. The paper contains 2 sources. | more info

This 11-page research paper uses 12 sources and is in MLA format. It discusses the geologic and biological evolution of the Australian and Amazon rainforests. This research supports research that the species extinction that we are currently experiencing may be a part of the earth’s natural cycle. | more info

This is a 10 page paper, with 10 sources, written in APA format. It analyzes the geological history of, and origin of the Hudson River. It has a graph and pictures of the river, as well as descriptions of what the river was like before and after civilization. The wildlife and botany of the Hudson is discussed as well as sediments and rock types found along the river’s banks. The characteristics of the river and where one can find these characteristics (i.e. rapids, falls) are illustrated in addition to the Hudson’s glacial birth. The essay concludes by presenting current studies, such as environmental studies, of the Hudson. | more info

This is a 12 and a half-page paper about the geology of Venus. Written at the college Jr. level, this paper compares Venus to Earth, discusses the Magellan mission and other missions to Venus. The essay also examines the geological features of Venus such as volcanoes, impact craters, plains, troughs and faults, and tectonics. The appearance of coronae and arachnoids and ticks on the surface of Venus is also discussed. The paper concludes by discussing the geologic similarities between Venus and Earth. Fourteen sources in MLA format are used. | more info

This is a 1-page essay with 3 sources in MLA style. The author chose a type of steel (mild steel) and definee a heat treating process for the steel (pack/color case hardening) defending why this was needed from a cost of treatment consideration. | more info

This is a one page essay explaining why Tungsten Carbide could be a possible material used for a chemical plant fan blade. The advantages and disadvantages of the material are analyzed thoroughly as well as the physical and chemical properties of tungsten carbide. The paper relies on three sources presented in MLA format. | more info

This paper consists of two four-page essays. Each essay is in MLA format and uses two references. The first essay describes how geologic events and agents shape the land, including describing various types of land-shaping activities. The second essay describes the land form features associated with two types of landscapes: glacial and coastal. | more info

This four page MLA style paper discusses the effect that water has on landform development and erosion. It shows how the forces of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere are relational and act upon each other to build up, tear down and transport rock and landforms constantly. Examples include islands, deltas, alluvial fans and floodplains. No references were required and none cited. | more info

This 3-page Geology paper uses 4 sources and is in APA format. It discusses the various types of tectonic plate movements and their resulting landforms. The specific movements discussed include convergence, divergence, and parallel movement. The features visible to an observer and how these features are consistent with plate tectonic theory are also explained. | more info

This report, 6 pages in length, relying on one source, and in MLA format, describes Seattle’s solid waste disposal problems and evaluates three alternative solutions. | more info

This is a six page paper that describes various types of geologic metamorphism, the physical processes at work and certain impinging factors. The references are listed informally and easily adaptable to the user’s needs. The paper is cited in APA style and uses 7 sources. | more info

This 15-page research paper focuses in great detail on the earthquake of 1886 that occurred in Charleston, South Carolina. The paper starts with an introduction to the city and its brief history because these sections help in better understanding the calamity and its impact on the city. The paper then describes the tragedy using most reliable sources in this connection. Old newspapers have also been used to maintain complete accuracy in describing the tragedy and its impact. The paper also discusses how people of Charleston reacted to this natural disaster and how the city was rebuilt. The paper relies on nine sources presented in MLA format. | more info

The purpose of this 8-page, MLA-style paper is to discuss the effect that volcanic eruptions have on the global climate system and the climate changes they cause, ranging from cooling to heating, depressing global warming while adding to the greenhouse effect. Bibliography includes 10 sources. | more info

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