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This is a 3-page paper about a bus trip going from the North to the South. It entails field notes and perspectives on the geography of the bus trio. No references are used for the pauper. | more info

This is a 2-page essay written in the MLA style about geography. Specifically the paper is a report which analyzes the natural hazards in the State of Texas. The weather and hazard situation are backed up with facts from various sources. There are 3 sources used in this paper. | more info

This 4-page analysis uses 4 sources and is in APA format. It discusses the face validity and improvements that need to be made to a questionnaire about Glacier National Park in Canada. | more info

This is a one and a half page paper that discusses geographic isolation in Australia. It uses two sources and is written in MLA style. The thesis statement is: Many Australian people are living in a state of geographic isolation, which has several psychological affects, and was caused, largely, by the practices of genocide against the Aborigines: Europeans and Aborigines suffered as a result of the colonization of Australia. | more info

This 1-page research paper uses 6 sources and is in APA format. It discusses the geographical differences between Iraq and the United States, and the effects of recent events on life in the Unites States. | more info

This three-page paper looks at three different geological aspects – copper and where it is situated on a global basis, the environmental hazards of the different types of mining used around the world and finally a definition of leachate and what methods are used to prevent leachates from entering bodies of water from landfill sites. Supported by three references. The paper is not written in a specific format, and although references are included they are not formatted in any specific manner. | more info

This paper is a complete look at the Amazon River. It talks about the Amazon's precipitation, cities along the river, plant and wildlife, and insects. It concludes by highlighting the recent concern for the future of the Amazon.Pages: 6 Sources: 6 Format: MLA with internal documentation and a works cited | more info

This is a report on Brazil. It looks at the region, capital city, topography, natural resources, climate, major economic activity, cultural highlights that make it unique, major type of vegetation and language. This paper would be ideal for the college freshman or someone needing a springboard for a paper about Brazil. Pages: 3.5 Sources: 5 Format: None | more info

This is a two page paper on Rome and its appeal to the average person. It relies on two sources in MLA format. | more info

This is a one page paper discussing Greece’s history, geography and population. It follows an APA style and references three sources. | more info

This paper talks about Death Valley. It talks about how, even though many people think that Death Valley is a barren scorching desert, there are many animals, plants and highlights to the area. Pages: 5.5 Sources: 10 Format: MLA | more info

This is a one-page informative essay concerning events that have impacted China from a geographic perspective between1990-1996. Included is a description of the event, (namely, the China earthquake of 1996) how the event is shaped by the geography of the region, and how the event has shaped/will shape the region. This essay relies on no sources. | more info

This is a one-page informative essay concerning events that have impacted China from a geographic perspective between 1990-1995. Included is a description of the event, (namely, the China Flood of 1991) how the event is shaped by the geography of the region, and how the event has shaped/will shape the region. This essay relies on no sources. | more info

This is a 10 page Geography paper written in MLA format and relying of 4 sources. It discusses a major earthquake that recently hit Japan and its effects on that nation including cites and areas the Earthquake effected. Fatalities and major disasters are discussed as well as famous structures and famous people that were affected. | more info

This is a one half-page informative essay concerning events that have impacted China from a geographic perspective between1990-1994. Included is a description of the event, (namely, Typhoon Fred of 1994) how the event is shaped by the geography of the region, and how the event has shaped/will shape the region. This essay relies on no sources. | more info

This is a twelve-page paper detailing the answers to three questions regarding geography and climate. The first question explains the relationship between earth’s environment and the sun. The second deals with climate and what effects it. The third discusses the rock cycle, specific rock types, and plate boundaries. The paper relies of five sources in MLA format. | more info

This 18-page proposal for a case study uses 14 sources and is in MLA format. It discusses the issues involved in the development of archeological tourism on the island of Crete. It includes key issues, conceptual and theoretical approaches, a literature review, and recent theoretical developments. The paper then looks at why a tourist should visit Crete, demographics of people who would visit the site, supplier and accommodations, the impact on the preservation of the ruins and other historical sites. | more info

This is a three-page paper on landholding patterns in Brazil during the Twentieth Century. It has three sources and is in MLA format. The paper focuses on how landholding patterns changed as a function of the political climate of Brazil during the past century. Its main focus is on the effects of capitalistic farming and the political culture of the nation. | more info

This report, 10 pages in length and in essay format, answers two general essay questions concerning the development of east-west sectional interests over the past two centuries. The first question is: The regional divisions in America between north and south are usually considered the most important. Slavery and the legacy of slavery are given as the usual reasons for this. However, the divisions between the commercial and industrial east and the frontier, agrarian west were also important. Trace these important east-west divisions from colonial times until the beginning of World War II. You should consider the debate about westward expansion in colonial times (from Bacon’s Rebellion on) as well as during the time of the War of 1812. Discuss as well the east-west tensions that appeared in the period between 1870 and 1914, associated with railroad construction, industrialization, the gold standard and massive immigration. The second essay is: By the end of World War I these divisions also had taken on a cultural dimension. Describe the values of the two Americas in the 1920s. What were their origins? How were they revealed in the 1928 presidential election? How again were they revealed during the 1940-41 debate about American participation in the war in Europe? To what extent do these divisions persist to this day, and why? Can they still be described geographically? No sources were used. | more info

This is a nine page paper about Los Angeles as a third world city. It discusses the five aspects of dualism, dependency, the culture or poverty, marginality, and informal structure. It uses six sources and is written in MLA style. The thesis statement is: Los Angeles, a city with an ever growing population, is a third world city that embodies dualism, dependency, culture of poverty, marginality, and the existence of an informal sector. | more info

This two-page essay explores Chicago from the South Look to the Magnificent Mile to the Pullman north loop. The many attributes Chicago has to offer residents and visitors alike are discussed as well as the beautiful geographic features. The essay relies on no outside sources. | more info

This is a 4-page geography essay that identifies the causes of social and behavioral factors that affect the health of individuals and populations. It is based on Plagues and Peoples and utilizes two other sources for support. It relies on 3 sources total and is presented in APA format. | more info

This is a six page term paper that analyzes the effect of the Ozone depletion. The paper sought to elaborate on the issue of ozone layer depletion whereby it looked at the cause, effects and the observed trends of the phenomenon. The paper argues that the destruction of ozone layer has been minimized due to all the global stakeholders’ commitment to check the adverse effects of this grave environmental crisis. It is based on APA style with six sources. | more info

This is a 16-page geography research paper that discusses The Pine Barrens of Long Island. It is written using the following thesis: “The ecosystem of the Pine Barrens of Long Island has gone through many changes over hundreds of years, yet the practice of preserving the area has created a dynamic land full of natural resources, and plant and animal communities.” It relies on 15 sources and is presented in MLA format. | more info

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