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The main thesis of this paper is that geneticists will maintain a strong voice in the evolutionary discussion, in the assessment of the hopeful monster concept in the context of the notion of punctuated equilibria and morphonogenetic, will boil down to a specifics-exploration of the macro-evolution/micro-evolution debate. Pages: 2 Sources: None Format: None | more info

This paper is about genetic engineering. It looks at human cloning, food production, hybridization, recombinant DNA and the controversy and concern around this. Pages: 7 Sources: 4 Format: None with Works Cited | more info

This paper looks at the issue of human cloning from an objective standpoint. Its main research is within the political arena and the comment by President Bush on the issue. Pages: 7 Sources: 3 Format: None | more info

This essay explains the mapping of the human genome and the importance of this innovation. How it works, the intended result, the likely advances, what diseases will be affected, and the disadvantages are all discussed in detail. The companies that use this new technology are given as well. Pages: 4 Sources: 6 Format: MLA | more info

This paper discusses Genetically Modified Organisms. It discusses the technical issues of GMOs from an agricultural standpoint. It gives a brief background of the GMOs, looks at benefits of GMOs, looks at conventional plant breeding methods, and ooks at biotechnological methods for producing GMOs. It also looks at the nutritional benefits of GMOs and GMO challenges. Pages: 15 Sources: 24 Format: MLA | more info

This essay discusses the research of the thrill seeking gene and how much a part the gene plays in thrill seeking. Where the gene resides as well as other research into the presence and affects of the gene is explained. Other factors believed to be associated with the gene are illustrated and the hypothesized affect the factors may have on an individual is discussed. The views of psychologists and behavior analysts are also included in the paper. Pages: 10 Sources: 10 Format: MLA | more info

This paper argues against cloning. It discusses some of the risks such as genetic mutations and defects and abuse of technology. Pages: 3 Sources: 3 Format: MLA | more info

This paper analyzes the philosophy and moral behind genetic engineering. The writer argues that the great rewards of the technology will have equally great dangers if ethical agreements are not soon made. Pages: 4 Sources: 3 Format: APA | more info

This paper describes some of the arguments for and against genetic research. In the conclusion the author argues that while genetic research can raise moral and ethical dilemmas, a complete ban would be unwise. Pages: 2 Sources: 3 Format: APA | more info

This is a 4-page paper on issues surrounding genetic testing. The essay uses 2 original sources plus 3 additional sources presented in MLA format. The history of genetic testing is discussed as well as some advantages and disadvantages and the ethical questions scientists are faced with and responsible for. | more info

This 5-page paper is a response to an ethical issue. Cloning was the issue chosen, and the paper deals with therapeutic and reproductive cloning, what the differences are, and why each of them is important and possibly dangerous. It is written in MLA format, and contains four sources. | more info

This is a 20-page research paper written in APA style using a minimum of 12 sources. It explores the differences and similarities between CODIS and DoD including pros and cons, the maintenance of the repository system, issues of confidentiality, history of both systems and mandatory specimens of DNA. | more info

This is a 5-page paper discussing the moral and legal issues surrounding bioengineering, biotechnology, and cloning as were raised in the movie “AI: Artificial Intelligence”. The paper raises the moral question of whether it is okay to create human-like beings and can actual humans love them. There are 5 reliable sources for this paper. It is in MLA format. | more info

This report, 2 pages in length and in MLA format, examines the proposition that opting for genetic self-testing, on balance, is the right choice. It looks at the case of Huntington Disease, which is now testable to an exacting degree, and extrapolates from the experience gained from that testing program. | more info

This is a one-page paper on cloning. It has one source and is in MLA format. The paper discusses the new discoveries in the area of cloning and the reaction of critics to these developments. | more info

This is a one-page summary of an article discussing the development of the M-FISys (Mass Fatality Identification System) software used to identify the thousands of victims of the September 11th attacks. The efficiency of the system is discussed as well as the potential uses for this new DNA technology. The paper is written in MLA format and relies on no sources other than the presented article. | more info

What follows is an essay that answers questions about processes about DNA replication and gene arrangements. The first question uses analogy to describe translation and transcription in protein synthesis. The second question describes the processes of independent assortment and crossing over in meiosis. The last question deals with gene dominance in phenotypes and genotypes. | more info

What follows is a set of answers concerning different conditions in genetic frequency, mutation in single persons and populations. One question concerns the types of common mutations to genetic material; the second concerns population genetics and the frequency of alleles and how they can change; and the third is a practical application of a known founders’ effect in a human population. A reference section follows in line with the plagiarism admonition in the assignment instructions. | more info

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