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This 4 page paper compares the Honda Accord to the Toyota Camry in a persuasive essay. It argues that from a styling, cost, power, and safety standpoint, the Accord is superior to the Camry. It offers positive opinions of the Camry, but primarily argues the smaller differences that make the Accord stand out as the better overall purchase. It is in MLA format and uses 5 sources. | more info

This is a two page compare and contrast essay. The two sources are the Martin Luther King, Jr. speech “I Have a Dream” and an essay, “Larger than Life” by Jenny Lyn Bader. All references follow an MLA format. The Works Cited Page is incomplete. | more info

The purpose of this 3-page, MLA style essay is to provide a compare/contrast essay to examine the pros and cons of living at home or getting an apartment. No sources required. | more info

This is a two page comparison about lifestyles based on opposite sides of the American Coast. There are no outside references. | more info

This 5-Page review uses 6 sources and is in APA format. It compares and contrasts peer-reviewed articles versus popular press articles. | more info

This is a 5-page paper in MLA format with seven sources that compares American Jazz and Latin Jazz. A brief history of each is provided along with their similarities and differences. The group Tiempo Libre is introduced as one of the popular timba Latin jazz groups on the scene today. | more info

This one page paper compares the field work of Annette Weiner on the Trobriand Islands and Napolean Chagnon with the Yanomamo Tribes in the Amazon Basin. It is supported by two references. | more info

This six-page paper looks at the traditional social structure in China and India, comparing and contrasting the two ways of life. Subjects covered include the importance of Communist Party membership in China, and the caste system in India, with other differences noted such as the relationship between rural and urban dwellings in both countries and the impact of religion, family and position at birth on the populations of both areas. Three sources are used. | more info

This is a three page compare and contrast paper. It analyzes two case studies in terms of systems thinking theory as it applies to business strategy, benchmarking practices and industry standards. It follows an APA format and consulted 2 sources. | more info

This five-page APA-format paper researches the community college systems of Georgia and Florida, with regard to their origins, structures of governance, funding sources, recent developments, and potential challenges. This paper uses five sources. | more info

This one-page paper reviews the differences in content and tone between old-time radio programming and modern radio and television programming. The paper is presented in MLA format, with one source. Research for this paper was conducted by listening to one hour of old-time radio on The Big Broadcast on WAMU 88.5 FM. | more info

This is a seven-page research paper which compares and contrasts the strengths of General Erwin Rommel and General George Patton as military leaders. Issues such as tactical strategy and leadership qualities are discussed. The essay makes an argument for General Patton being the better leader. The paper is written in MLA format, and uses eight sources. | more info

This is a two page paper that discusses the similarities between Hercules and Sampson. It is written in MLA style, uses two sources and includes a very basic outline at the back. The thesis statement is: Hercules and Sampson are both historical men that are known for their strength, and there are several differences and similarities between them: Two differences and two similarities are discussed in this paper. | more info

This is a 7-page research paper defining, comparing and contrasting the spoils system and the merit system. It gives a chronological history of the two systems and shows the prominence of one system over the other from era to era, dating back more than 200 years. It relies on 4 sources and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a 6-page paper that discusses many of the cultural influences, differences, and similarities between the Japanese and American cultures. Japan is the primary focus of this paper and their contributions to style, change, and tradition in their own rite. America is discussed briefly in some areas and generally viewed as a giant melting pot of culture. The paper is mostly opinion with the influences of information viewed and read from magazines, newspapers, online, and from day-to-day experience. One source was used. | more info

This three page paper looks at similarities and differences between two different stories that depict historical women and the relationships they might have had in a societal environment when the male was the head of the household and all women regardless of race where considered inferior to the (white) male in the household. The references for the two stories are listed at the conclusion of this paper and the paper is set out in table format to mark the comparisons. | more info

This report--4 pages in length, relying on 5 sources, and in MLA format--is in the form of responses to two essay questions relating to the work of William Faulkner. The report considers the motivations of the author, the fictional southern 'world' (Yoknapatawpha County) that he created and populated with the characters in his novels and short stories, and manner in which the author gave individuality to those fictional creations. Finally, the report considers possible influences on Faulker and the possible impact that he may have had on other writers. | more info

This is an eight-page research paper comparing the lives and actions of Margaret Fuller and Emily Dickinson. It defines the Transcendental era and relates the ideals of the period to both women. It also gives a concise biography, and then compares the two. An analysis of the influence of Transcendentalism on their lives is discussed. The works of both authors are evaluated. The impact each had on future (current) thought and literature is also compared. It relies on six sources presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a six page essay in MLA style of writing and citation. It is a contrast and comparison piece that compares the protagonists in two novels. Both are set in significant historical context that provides a setting for the stresses that each character faces. Three different facets of the conditions that the characters face are used as points of contrast. A list of references is included after the essay. | more info

This is a 7-page essay which compares and contrasts the novels 1984 by George Orwell and The Stranger by Albert Camus. The focus is to compare and contrast the themes and the characters in both novels using 6 sources. The paper has a title page, 13 endnotes and a bibliography. The paper is written in MLA format and has 2,117 words. | more info

Summary – This is statistics work assignment Module 6. It is a number of problems from two chapters, 10 and 11, from the Levine Business Statistics text. In addition to the odd numbered problems from the chapter review sections, there are three short essay questions that were answered. | more info

Summary – This is the seventh module of eight in a statistics class. The review problems from chapters 12 & 13 are answered, as well as, three short answer essay questions. There are 15 pages of work dealing with regression, both simple regression and multiple regression. | more info

What follows is a two page essay written in the MLA style. The subject is a comparison of three examples of a critique on the Communist Manifesto. The paper examines each critique and rates them. There are a number of criteria suggested to use when comparing the critiques, and these were used to contrast the styles of each. | more info

This is a two page creative essay. It is a portion of a school transfer application and addresses the question: Some writers suggest that by tradition science is concerned with truth while art is concerned with beauty. How might these two endeavors be the same? How might they be irreconcilably different? | more info

Summary- What follows is an eight page essay written in the APA style. It describes the interactions between the Inuit and three churches representing the Christian faith. The paper compares the methods used to proselytize by each of the churches and the results of such efforts. There is a reference section for citations after the essay. | more info

This seven-page paper is written in MLA format and cites nine book references and five articles. It compares the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris and the Trinity Church in Boston as architecture. | more info

What follows is a three page essay written in the APA style. It is a comparison and contrast of two paintings, one by Manet, the other by Fuseli. The subjects as a matter of style are compared, and the techniques that each artist used concerning color and contrast are examined. Finally, a brief consideration of the historical context in which each painter composed their masterpieces is given. References are at the end. | more info

This is a 6-page paper written in the MLA style. The paper is a book report about “The Lands of Charm and Cruelty” by Stan Sesser. The report gives an overview and an analysis of the book. The only source for the paper is the book. | more info

What follows is a 3 page essay written using the MLA style of citation. Three peer reviewed articles are read and used to compare humans and pigs as physiological models for toxicology, pharmacology and agricultural subjects for human use. Examples are given and philosophical and ethical concerns are raised to connect pigs with humans at a practical and metaphysical level. The number of references are listed on a separate page. | more info

The purpose of this four-page term paper, MLA-style paper is to compare and contrast the characters Nathan Price from Poisonwood Bible and Kurtz from Heart of Darkness in terms of their arrogance and single-minded colonization. Bibliography offers two sources. | more info

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