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This is a cover letter and resume focusing on obtaining a position of charge nurse on a medical/surgical floor. The cover letter focuses on the objective of obtaining the job and displaying the job-seeker’s skills and abilities. Education and experience are a focus. Also mentioned are various community activities. These documents communicate a well-rounded and complete applicant to the potential employer. It relies on information provided and presented in a business format. | more info

This is a job application cover letter. It uses the information provided by the client and leaves space for details to be filled in by the client. | more info

This paper is a speech talking about the role of an esthetician. The author gives a first-person look at how an esthetician makes people feel better about themselves and the various services that they provide to clients. Pages: 2 Sources: None Format: None | more info

This paper analyzes the field of Human Resource Management. The history of the field is discussed as well as differences in management between companies, basic group dynamics, individual working and leadership styles, and organizational structures. Additionally, performance management systems are examined along with recruitment and selection procedures and other important aspects of Human Resource Management. Pages: 19 Sources: 19 Format: APA | more info

This essay discusses the aspects of working in the Human Resources field. One man in particular is used as a case study. His input is used to further examine the assets needed in working in this career and an overall view of Human Resources is given. Pages: 4 Sources: none Format: none | more info

This paper discusses the primary focus of the International Personnel Management Association. The history of the organization is given as well as terms of membership, international activities, and conferences. Their publications, online community, and affiliations are also discussed. Pages: 4 Sources: 8 Format: APA | more info

This essay discusses the growth of the social work field and how the field came to be. The positive effects of social work are explained as well as many current statistics related to the rise of social work. Pages: 5 Sources: 7 Format: MLA | more info

This two-page paper is written in MLA format on a college junior level and contains three sources. It is a discussion of management and careers. The paper is an essay that relates to interviews with three people in this field and how this information applies to the client and their career. | more info

This is a 2 page paper on organization and management. The paper is in MLA format. The paper discusses the concept of effective organization in a military work setting and how that organization will be helpful in the author’s career in social work. | more info

This four-page research essay explores career opportunities in the police services in the UK, describing three different positions possible, conditions of service (both financial and non-financial), current entry requirements and the selection process used, and summarizing the best and worst points of two of the positions. | more info

This is a 2-page paper discussing job satisfaction. Page one is a response to an article on job satisfaction. Page 2 is a personal discussion of job satisfaction. There is no works cited page. | more info

This two – page paper is a college entry essay. The topic covered is the personal qualities a person should have to be considered a good leader by his or her peers. There are no references for this essay as it is an opinion piece only. | more info

This 5-page essay explores the past and present experiences will affect future career decisions. No sources are used. | more info

This eight-page paper is written in MLA format on a college senior level and contains ten sources. It is a discussion of the insurance industry. The paper looks at risk management and profitability and the movement into foreign industries. | more info

This is a two-page section of a full paper reporting on internships and their relation to post-graduation employment success. This section of the paper identifies key indicators for measuring the success of internships, including: length of time until employment is attained, enrollment and funding levels of the program, and qualitative measurements of participants’ opinions and perceptions of the program. A measurement strategy is proposed, including survey methods for data collection and identification of respondents, as well as distribution of reports. The paper is in standard APA format and cites two sources. | more info

This is a one page business proposal regarding the problems college graduates face when entering the job market. Why degrees are not considered as prestigious is explained as well as the value of completing an internship. It is in ALA format and has one source. | more info

This is a two page essay detailing the author’s desire to become a police officer. The author also explains their respect for others’ rights and why this career would be fulfilling to them. A list of useful attributes in this field is also given. | more info

This is a 1-page application/admission essay written in the APA style. Its form takes that of a letter requesting a job. There are no sources for this paper. | more info

This is a 1,751 word paper written in the APA style about the subject of criminology, specifically the career of a police officer. The paper details the role that police officers play in society, their job description, the characteristics of a good police officer, and the future of law enforcement. There are 7 sources used in this paper. | more info

This is an eight page essay. It explores a possible career path for someone interested in reaching the level of federal judge. The major focus of the essay is the role of administrative law study in this career path. Three sources are used. | more info

This report, 3 pages in length, in MLA format and relying on 7 sources, examines those factors which facilitate employment in law enforcement, the personality traits that predispose prospective applicants to undertake training and those factors which socialize newly trained officers to professional group values | more info

This 3-page essay uses 1 source and is in APA format. It discusses how one can demonstrate two general nursing principles in daily practice as a nurse. | more info

This three-page paper describes the parameters of nursing research and specifies how it is conducted and how a nurse can become involved in the field. It also outlines the importance of nursing research to the public, focusing specifically where possible on the maternity field. The paper is written in APA style and uses five sources. | more info

This 8 page research paper uses 10 sources and is in APA format. It discusses five historical events had an effect on changing roles for nurses in the United States. | more info

This four-page paper compares two different ethics – one for university students and one for nurses towards university students. It briefly explains how these two ethics might apply to each individual situation (Nursing and University) before comparing the two and making conclusions. It uses no sources. | more info

The purpose of this one page paper is to discuss how research is used in the real world, on a practical basis, using the writer’s workplace. To do so, it will discuss how research furthers the company’s goals for and requirements for success based on its operational strategies and expected outcomes. No sources or style requirements were stipulated. | more info

This seven-page paper is written in APA format on a college masters level and contains seven sources. It is a discussion of work motivation in the social work field. The paper looks at current literature and summarizes the findings, as well as looking at case examples of how the research fits into the modern-day social work field. | more info

This is a 3-page paper on recruitment and selection. It has two sources and is in MLA format. The paper discusses the impact of appearance or dressing on hiring decisions. It also identifies the impact of formal dress code on the work environment and organizational performance. | more info

This is a one-page response to a scenario between an employee and his boss with regard to a report submitted and the possibility that the boss is stealing the ideas from the report. The write-up offers ideas on how to handle the situation. The paper is in MLA format and uses no sources. | more info

This 2-page essay uses 3 sources and is in APA format. It discusses the author’s personal definition of “justice” and how they intend to apply it to their chosen profession. The difficulties of defining justice are also explained. | more info

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