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This is a six page paper that argues 18 year olds should be required to serve four years in the military. The thesis statement is: Eighteen year olds should be required to serve a minimum of four years in the military because it teaches responsibility, maturity, determination, teaches skills and provides educational opportunities, provides access to healthcare and it will help supply the military shortage; opponents state these benefits could be gained in other ways and that it is against individual rights to force people into military service. | more info

Summary: This is a three-page, MLA-cited reaction paper discussing the use of animals as biomedical research subjects. It summarizes the positions taken by Jerod M. Loeb, who argues for the necessity of using animals to better human causes and Tom Regan, who assigns a higher moral value to treating animals with the same respect as humans. | more info

Summary: This is a fifteen-page, APA-cited paper discussing Army recruiters and their ability to maintain their quotas during an unpopular war in the Middle East. It discusses Army recruiting malfeasance and the role of recruiters in building the Army of the future. It is supported by online and printed research listed on a References page at the end of the paper. | more info

Abstract: This 3-page paper narrates a true incident that revealed something disturbing about myself. It made me question my fears, my behavior and my attitude towards other races. It was however an important incident that made me realize that there are other reasons for my irrational fears and they have little to do with racial differences. The paper appends one source in APA format | more info

This is a college senior level research paper/argumentative essay on the topic of Billy Budd written by Herman Melville. The argument that Billy Budd is a Christ figure, Claggert represents Judas and Vere is representative of Pontius Pilate is considered. This is a 5 page paper written in MLA format, it relies on 4 sources. | more info

This is a college senior level argumentative essay on the subject of medical marijuana. The various reasons why the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes should be approved are discussed. The benefits which the drug provides to numerous health problems are analyzed. This is a 4 page paper written in APA format, it relies on 3 sources. | more info

This is a 5-page argumentative essay that takes a stand against drilling in Alaska. It outlines the issues involved with drilling in Alaska and provides support against those who wish to begin drilling. It relies on 6 sources and is presented in MLA format. | more info

This is a twenty-page, Harvard cited paper discussing the future of fashion design. It addresses the influence of petroleum in our economy as well as in our clothing materials. It discusses fashion predictions well into the future in the 2020s, 2030s and 2040s. It also talks about how fashions have changed and how they will get recycled in the future. It is supported by online and printed research listed on a Reference page at the end of the paper. | more info

This 4-page paper talks about development of self in the light of one’s work. it explains important concepts such as sense of self, self-awareness and self-esteem because only these concepts can help us understand what is meant by self. Work plays a huge role in making a person more self-aware and giving him a higher self-esteem. The paper uses three sources and appends them in APA format. | more info

This is a six page paper that discusses the idea that people should be able to download music from the Internet without consequence. It is written in MLA style and uses 11 sources. The thesis statement is: This paper will examine the arguments from the three entities that have a stake in the issue, the record companies, the artists, and the consumers, as well as the argument that if Bill Gates can get away with stealing intellectual property, especially at such personal gain for himself, then the same privilege should be extended to everyone. | more info

This paper gives a step-by-step look at how to write an argumentative essay. It talks about audience selection, research, language, format and conclusions. Pages: 3 Sources: None Format: None | more info

This essay discusses the possibilities of Senator Wellstone's death being a conspiracy. The author does not agree with that particular point and argues that the weather and pilot are the most likely culprits. Pages: 2 Sources: none Format: none | more info

This is a three-page argumentative essay against affirmative action. It is written in MLA style. Affirmative action started out as an effort to eliminate barriers to education and jobs for minorities. Now, however, it has become overburdened by quotas and reparations. The paper argues that affirmative action in its current form is no longer justified and instead focus should be placed on equal opportunities. | more info

This is a three page essay arguing against free tuition in California for illegal immigrants. There are five sources presented in MLA style and the essay is strongly opinionated. Some of the reasons given by the author to support their argument mainly include money problems including California’s enormous debt. The paper concludes by offering solutions to the problem. | more info

This is a one page paper creating an argument for the position of the Ford company with the problems the pinto had. The author supports the decision made by Ford to continue to sell the Pinto regardless of the known defects because the defects were made public knowledge. The paper relies on one source. | more info

The following 3-page model paper is an argumentative essay, which discusses the positive benefits from legalizing drugs. The author argues that legalizing certain drugs will prevent civil liberties from being threatened and result in safer streets and reduced crime therefore saving tax dollars. The paper is written in MLA style with no sources, as it is opinion. | more info

This 1-page argumentative essay uses one source and is in MLA format. It argues a position in a recent Washington post article regarding the peace process in the Middle East. It argues that promoting democracy in the Middle East will harm cultural identity. | more info

This is a 4 page argumentative essay discussing “The Republic” by Plato. Within the book, Socrates argues that the soul and the city/state can be seen as the same thing. The paper asks the question, is this a plausible way in which to view politics? There is 1 source for this paper. It is in MLA format. | more info

This four-page paper is written in MLA format on a college sophomore level and contains no sources. It is an argumentative essay about whether the story “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” should be included in the class and the textbook of the writer of the essay. | more info

This is a three page argumentative essay relying on three sources presented in MLA format. It is a discussion of the positive and negative effects of television and is written from a somewhat humorous point of view. | more info

This is a one page paper showing an example of an argumentative essay on conducting surveys in research. The paper contains a strong thesis statement in the first paragraph with three supporting paragraphs to the argument (based on teaching of James P. Lester on how to write an argumentative essay). No sources are cited. | more info

This one-page paper is written on a college freshman level in MLA format and contains one source, and one citation from that source. It is an argumentative paper based on the memoir “Aria” by Richard Rodriguez. The author agrees with Rodriguez’s stance against bilingual education who states that children who aren’t forced to speak the ‘public language’ of English don’t learn how to belong to society but still remain individuals. | more info

This is a two-page essay written about legalizing gambling. The essay is written in a form to be delivered as a persuasive speech in conversational style. The speech argues that gambling will benefit our society by creating state revenue and the reason gambling is not currently legal is due to out-of-date stereotypes. Five sources used for this paper are listed in MLA format, but not cited within the text. | more info

This is a three page paper that discusses whether testing on animals should continued. It uses four sources and is written in MLA style. The thesis statement is: There are many issues that need to be considered when discussing whether testing on animals should be continued, including animal rights, the type of testing that is done on the animals, and whether the benefits of animal testing outweighs the negative aspects, and whether the information gathered can be reproduced by any other means; the benefits of animal testing is immense, however, the testing should be done discriminately. | more info

This report, 4 pages in length, relying on 9 sources, and in MLA style, examines the motives of the United States in engaging in war with Iraq as well as certain possible outcomes of that war. It considers in particular the role of oil in American war aims, as well as prospective outcomes for the world economy. | more info

This is a two page opinionated essay in favor of the placement of vending machines for condoms at Camden County College. It has 2 citations in MLA format. | more info

This four-page paper is an argumentative essay using the Toulmin strategy for analyzing and creating arguments, and is written following MLA guidelines. It argues against cloning, on the basis that cloning violates human rights, is impractically expensive, could have disastrous consequences, and is morally wrong. | more info

One page on why America wanted to control the Philippines, and the political justification for it. | more info

This is a three page paper that discusses whether the United States was justified in attacking Iraq. The position I took was no. It is written in MLA style and uses four sources. The thesis statement is: The war in Iraq has been very controversial, and the United States over reached its bounds by attacking the country; many reasons have been developed to justify the United States attacking the country, however, these reasons did not justify the United States in its declaration of war. | more info

This is a one page paper that discusses possible repercussions if seatbelt laws were mandatory. The paper uses no sources. | more info

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